Notes on Matt Hardy and Raquel Rodriguez

Sep 5, 2023 - by James Walsh

– While speaking on The Extreme Life of Matt Hardy, current AEW star Matt Hardy spoke about the relationship that the late Windham Rotunda had with Vince McMahon. He said “[It was] almost like a father-son relationship in some ways and I feel like that probably came to be because he’d only known the WWE system. Vince was the only boss he’d ever had. I feel like there’s times where Vince shows you all this love, but then if you do something that he doesn’t necessarily like or he disagrees with, then he’s really tough on you, like a father in many ways.”

– During an interview with 106.9 The Fox (via Fightful), Raquel Rodriguez spoke about her experience working with Ronda Rousey and said that Rousey cared about the WWE women’s division. Rousey is believed to have left the company after her match with Shayna Baszler at Summerslam last month.

Rodriguez said: “Ronda carries herself like a superstar. Ronda is great. I’ve had no bad experiences with Ronda. I think she’s also been very willing to put herself into a business that she doesn’t have much knowledge in, but she’s also been willing to help the rest of us along the way too, and elevate a lot of the women in the division. She wants a lot for the women in the division, I’ll say that. She does care about the women’s division for WWE. I was very proud of the two matches we had for the women’s titles. It’s really great to work with someone like Ronda because she’s such an amazing athlete. Stepping in the ring with her is very intimidating in itself, but having someone who moves differently and has a different mentality almost makes you want to step up your game and be creative. You have to step out of your box when you’re facing someone like Ronda. It was a lot of fun for me, too.“

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