Notes on Bryan Danielson, Chad Gable, Kevin Kelly, and the Authors of Pain

Sep 5, 2023 - by Steve Gerweck

Chad Gable (via post Raw backstage interview):

“I swear to everybody, on myself, on my career, that this is not the end. I’m taking the championship. I want him to keep it as long it freakin’ takes for me to get a rematch because I’m coming back for it. I swear to god, on everything, I’m winning that championship.”

Kevin Kelly announced on Twitter that he will be leaving NJPW after New Year’s Dash 2024. He says he wants to spend more time with his wife of 32 years.

PWInsider reports the Authors of Pain are in Orlando, Florida today, ahead of WWE NXT.

– PWInsider also reports that Bryan Danielson in AEW has risen greatly in terms of behind the scenes influence politically over the last six weeks. Even before London, Danielson had taken on responsibility of trying to facilitate between talents.

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