Bryan Danielson says strap match was full of “smokes and mirrors” to protect him

Sep 4, 2023 - by Colin Vassallo

Bryan Danielson says his strap match against Ricky Starks was filled with “smokes and mirrors” to protect his arm which he broke at Forbidden Door back in June.

During the post-show press conference, Danielson said he got cleared by AEW medical personnel as well as a surgeon but he didn’t really use the injured arm much, in fact, he never even threw a punch with it.

Danielson was full of praise for Starks who he said carried him throughout the match. He noted that he heard people rave about him before and can confirm that he’s a great worker. The two had never crossed paths in the ring before Sunday.

It’s unclear if Danielson is back in the ring full time now or this was just a one-time thing to fill in for CM Punk until he’s fully healed.

During the same press conference, AEW President Tony Khan hinted that we might see more of Danielson on Saturdays at Collision because it fits his work/family life balance better. Danielson pulls double duty and also helps with creative for shows and recently Khan said that if something happens to him and has to leave the show in someone else’s hands, he would pick Danielson.

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