Director Alex Perry Opens Up About Kurt Angle’s New WWE Documentary On Peacock

Sep 2, 2023 - by staff

The director of the new WWE Kurt Angle documentary on Peacock, Alex Perry, recently joined for an exclusive in-depth interview. During the discussion, Perry opened up about producing Angle’s latest documentary and it not originally being a WWE documentary.
Here are some highlights:

On the documentary not originally being for WWE:

“This was somewhat of a unique scenario; I don’t think it’s too often that WWE acquires a documentary that started out as independent from WWE. A lot of stuff WWE puts out is, I believe, stuff that they create from the beginning within the WWE realm.” Perry also acknowledged that WWE was a perfect home for his film, saying: “But WWE ended up being a good place for an independent film like ours to end up – because we had a lot of WWE footage in our film, as well as Olympic footage. If WWE was the one that was going to distribute our film, we wouldn’t have to worry about licensing all of that WWE footage. So that ended up being a blessing.”

On the new documentary:

“It’s an extreme blessing to me that this version gets to see the sunlight at all because a lot of films don’t. And I thank WWE immensely for that opportunity they are giving me and Kurt with the Peacock release on September 2nd.”

Rare footage being featured in the documentary:

Kurt breaking his neck in 1996 for the first time is actually one of the many pieces of archival footage that we were able to find in this documentary that had not been previously seen in anything else Kurt Angle.”

Perry also commented on interviewing The Rock for the new Angle documentary, and more. You can check out the complete interview at this link.

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