CM Punk no longer with AEW

Sep 2, 2023 - by Steve Gerweck

AEW has announced that CM Punk is no longer with AEW and has been terminated from his contract, with cause, effective immediately. This is the result of the investigation from the All In incident with Jack Perry.

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  1. molokoplus1984 says:

    100% the correct choice and should have been done after the first media scrum incident. He’s not worth the trouble and drama he brings. Keeping him around sets a bad example for younger talent too.

  2. Jake Allen says:

    Haha. So long AEW. I hope Tony continues to like this crap he’s created for a LONG time, cuz he has absolutely no one left on his roster worth watching.

  3. John says:

    Bye aew he was the reason I watched the awful product. Awful move by aew.

  4. Pete Haines says:

    Sonny Kiss and CM in the same day. Too sad!

  5. Drew says:

    After the report of him going to a WWE show and talking to HHH, I kinda figured he was going to leave AEW eventually.

  6. WrestleFan says:

    And, that’ll be moreso true when AEW fires Perry as well.

    If Punk is let go, but Perry is held onto, that’ll send the message that Tony condones Perry’s behavior backstage. And, that won’t exactly set a good example for the younger talent either.

    So, only time will tell if Tony gets rid of both parties involved in that altercation & sets an example to the rest of the talent, or if he unintentionally gives wrestling fans a reason to stop watching AEW because of being harder on the older, more established talent while looking the other way on the newer, younger guys.

  7. Sonia says:

    Best thing for AEW. Punk is a cancer. Hope we never hear from hime again. How long until he “sues for wrongful dismissal” Scumbag

  8. Gau says:

    What a joke of a company!

  9. Woooo! says:

    Well, from the sound of the crowd from the event, as well as some Twitter/X users, TK isn’t being very honest with the decision he made.

    Some on Twitter have stated that he never had a problem when Thunder Rosa was bullied. And, even the crowd that agreed with him firing Punk turned on him when he mentioned his personal safety. Hell, one person even pointed out how TK allowed the Young Bucks to engage in a smear campaign against Punk for over a year. Then, there’s the Sammy Guevara r*pe fantasies & Britt Baker racism & bullying.

    But, in the end, what will ultimately determine how TK is viewed, as well as if he made the right decision, is how viewership & ratings for televised events, as well as ticket sales for events overall, play out in the near future. Who knows? It may turn out that TK pandering to the guys that helped him form/launch AEW may yet come back to bite him in the ass…

  10. Joseph says:

    @WrestleFan – I’m not sure Perry should be terminated as well. He was suspended for his part in it, but from what I read, Punk punched Perry. Did Perry punch Punk? Maybe that was the reason he was terminated and Perry wasn’t. Not because they got into a disagreement or even got in each others faces, but because Punk punched Perry.

  11. WrestleFan says:

    Well, from the sound of what people are alleging, Punk did what he did due to provocation from Perry.

    So, it pretty much sounds like Punk never would have taken action had Perry not provoked him.

    So, if that’s true, then should Punk be fired because of something not even within his realm of control?

  12. Joseph says:

    @WrestleFan – But it is in his realm of control. He can’t control being provoked, but he can control how he reacts to it. From what I read, he chose to punch Perry instead of either just walking away or simply using his words. So yes, if it is true, Punk should have been fired for punching another employee. No matter how hard he was provoked.

  13. WrestleFan says:

    Well, at least now, TK sees that Perry was equally at fault for what happened, since he just revealed that Perry’s been indefinitely suspended.

    Truth is, not punishing Perry for what he did, but firing Punk for reacting, does indeed send a bad message to the rest of the locker room. What Perry did was inappropriate & unprofessional.

    And, honestly, the fact that you don’t think Perry was at fault at all shows that you actually don’t care about AEW.

  14. art123guy says:

    @WrestleFan–I read that the reason Perry wanted to go through the windshield was because he wanted to be written off tv so he could go on a previously planned vacation. So it’s possible Tony doesn’t think Perry did anything wrong and just said what he said for show.

  15. Joseph says:

    @WrestleFan – I don’t care about AEW. Don’t care about WWE either. Why would that even matter? Never said Perry didn’t play a part in what happened. Never said he shouldn’t be punished. Only thing I said was that he shouldn’t be fired like Punk was. My reasoning is simple. Even though Perry acted like an unprofessional ass, it was Punk who reacted in violence. I don’t know about you, but I see a huge difference between someone verbally acting like an ass and someone physically assaulting someone.

  16. WrestleFan says:

    The valid point could also be made that, had Perry not acted like a gigantic ass towards Punk, Punk wouldn’t had a reason to react.

    Of course, another point of criticism also is that it took this long for TK to punish Perry, whereas the decision was made almost immediately to fire Punk. That pretty much shows TK has AEW’s EVPs in his ear, which means he’s not likely making completely unbiased decisions.

    Only time will tell if TK truly made the right calls when he did…

  17. Joseph says:

    @WrestleFan – Of course, but that doesn’t excuse how he reacted. If Perry wouldn’t have said something, Punk wouldn’t have had a reason to react. The problem isn’t that Punk reacted, it’s how he reacted.

    Did it take a long time for him to punish Perry? Both Perry and Punk were suspended immediately after and after an investigation into what happened, Punk was fired and Perry was suspended indefinitely. Maybe they released the news of Perry being suspended after the new of Punk being fired but that doesn’t mean both didn’t happen at the same time.

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