Tony Khan hopes there will be an update on CM Punk before All Out

Sep 1, 2023 - by Colin Vassallo

AEW President Tony Khan faced the press yesterday in a conference call ahead of All Out and obviously the topic of CM Punk came up.

Khan kept to his usual “no comment” line when it comes to backstage incidents at AEW and the only thing he could say was that that the company is investigating what happened between Punk and Jack Perry and wants to provide an update as soon as he can.

Quizzed if there will be an answer on Punk before this Sunday’s All Out, Khan said that he hoped they’ll have a better answer by then and also refused to comment on the rumors that Punk and himself had a heated argument backstage.

There are also rumors that footage of the whole incident exists so that should speed up any internal investigation AEW is doing. Unlike the Brawl Out, this Brawl In was witnessed by several individuals.

As of now, both Punk and Perry remain suspended by AEW.

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