JR on Edge/AEW: “Yeah, he would fit in”

Sep 1, 2023 - by James Walsh

Jim Ross recently weighed in on the notion of Edge coming to AEW and some potential matches he could have there. Edge has been rumored to be possibly heading to the company when his WWE contract expires at the end of September, and JR was asked about whether he thinks such a move is likely on AdFreeShows’ Grilling JR. You can see some highlights below, per Wrestling Inc:

On which matches he’s imagine for Edge in AEW: “I haven’t given it much thought. I mean … how about Edge and Kenny Omega? Things like that. I think Edge and Will Ospreay …There’s a million ways to monetize this potential.”

On how likely he thinks it is that Edge comes to AEW: “I have no inside stuff. Again, my quote would be ‘JR thinks it’s going to be a long shot at best if Edge ever competes — if Adam Copeland ever competes … in AEW.’ Would I like to see it happen? Absolutely. I’m a wrestling fan. Those matches just came off the top of my head that I’m sure other fans are right on top of and agree. Would you like to see Edge and Chris Jericho? Hell yeah.”

On how Edge would fit in AEW: “Yeah, he would fit in. But I don’t know what his goals are. I don’t know how Adam wants to work. Four or five times a year, or whatever? That’s the thing you’ve got to be careful of, getting these contracts, getting guys and you’re limited in when you can use them. Anyway, it’ll work out in the wash, as Granny would say. At some point in time, we’ll know.”

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