Natalya on the bloodline storyline and Tony Schiavone on Vince Russo

Aug 13, 2023 - by James Walsh

– Speaking recently with SKOR North, WWE’s Natalya shared her thoughts on the ongoing story of The Bloodline and how the narrative is defined by the family connections within the faction (via Fightful). Natayla feels that the history between Roman Reigns, Solo Sikoa, and The Usos enhances the angle and helps draw the viewer in.

On the compelling factors in The Bloodline’s story: “You look at the Bloodline story, and it’s fascinating because, even for me, I know I’m a performer in the company, but I also see myself as a fan. ‘What do I want to see? What would be interesting to me?’ I look at the Bloodline storyline, and it’s just so fascinating because families fight, but families also make up. After these guys are done fighting, they’re probably all going to be friends again. I have a fight with my sister once a day, and then we’re best friends two minutes later. That’s family and why this is fascinating because you see the pictures of Roman and the Usos when they were kids and playing football together and you feel a connection to that. They have deep history with each other. Stories in WWE hook people to see what’s next.”

– During the most recent installment of the “WHW” podcast, Tony Schiavone delved into a diverse array of subjects. Among these, the AEW commentator elaborated on his decision not to speak negatively about Vince Russo, a former creative writer for WWE, TNA, and WCW.

“I’ve said this about Vince Russo many times, and I’m gonna say it again. If you expect me to sit up here and criticize Vince Russo, he did some great things, he did some things that didn’t work, but Vince Russo was loyal to me and good to me and a friend of mine. So if you think I’m gonna sit up here and say bad things about him, you’re wrong. I’m not because of the way he treated me and that’s how I worked my life. I mean, to me, it’s stupid and it’s wrong to get on the podcast or even write a book and shit on somebody that was good to you when you worked with them. That’s wrong. That’s like, one of the rules about being a good human being, so I’m not doing that.”

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