Adam Cole and MJF pulling double duty at All In with match on Zero Hour

Aug 10, 2023 - by Colin Vassallo

Adam Cole and MJF will be pulling double duty at All In as they will be wrestling twice on the show, although one of the matches is set for the Zero Hour pre-show.

During an in-ring segment, Cole said he wants to make history at Wembley and wants to go “all in” with MJF as his tag team partner. He said that he’s won all the gold, but never the ROH Tag Team titles and wants to challenge Aussie Open during the Zero Hour show.

MJF wasn’t happy that he’d have to wrestle twice but since he’s a sucker for a cheap pop and Cole is his bestie, he asked the fans if they think they should go for the ROH titles.

After a positive response from the crowd, MJF challenged the ROH Tag Team champions and told them that he and Cole are better than them.

The two will also headline All In in a match for the AEW World title.

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