Triple H on SummerSlam changes: “Nothing was cut”

Aug 7, 2023 - by Steve Gerweck

Triple H was asked about cutting two women’s matches, which he corrected that technically nothing was announced so there was no cutting. He further explained that unforseen circumstances like injuries happen all the time and it’s his responsibility as head of Creative to ensure he has “more than he needs” and said that as a talent he would rather the bigger spotlight, even if it’s not on a PLE:

“Nothing was cut, there was no card announced, right? If we don’t have more things in the pocket that can fit in the PLE, I’ve done a terrible job. Because there’s always an injury waiting around the corner, there’s always a moment that changes everything. If one creative thing changes, it changes the trajectory of everything. If you don’t have more stuff than you need ready to go, you fail.

The show was plenty long tonight, if it was anything longer that would have been bad. So, there comes a time when we say, does everything get shorter time, does everything get rushed does everything get hairy, or do we move things around and shift it and give it a bigger spotlight? As a performer for me, I’d rather have the bigger spotlight, that’s how I look at it.”

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  1. Where is Thea’s rematch.?

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