Notes on Logan Paul and LuFisto

Aug 6, 2023 - by James Walsh

– LuFisto has now deactivated her Twitter account following her recent allegations regarding AEW and the AEW locker room. As previously reported, LuFisto recently took part in an interview with Fightful addressing recent comments she made about a talent trying to keep her out of AEW.

LuFisto shared her experience backstage working a TV taping at AEW Dark: Elevation in April 2022. She claimed what she witnessed from the environment backstage was toxic and hostile, resulting in her not receiving another shot with the company in a producer or coaching role.

Following the interview, many AEW talent and workers came out responding to the claims, denying LuFisto’s allegations regarding the AEW backstage environment. LuFisto later wrote in her latest statement before deactivating her social media, “I wanted to leave this world knowing women’s wrestling was better. It was for a while, but not anymore. The sad part is that you accept it without saying a word. It is what it is. What a waste.”

Logan Paul has landed….

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