Kevin Owens news and notes

Aug 5, 2023 - by staff

Some notes from Ariel Halwani’s interview with Kevin Owens:

-Things go so bad with him being fed up with creative that he took time off, thankfully he needed double knee surgery, so it was a blessing in disguise

-Was extremely frustrated after the Jericho feud because the stories that he was in afterwards led nowhere

-Enjoyed his Mania match with Shane McMahon

-Hated his stories with Braun Strowman and Bobby Lashley. He didn’t mind losing, just hated being a crash test dummy and having to take big bumps that he feels like his body suffered from

-No one was able to give him clear feedback on what or how he could improve his situation

-Ended up calling Shawn Michaels from his driveway and Michaels told him to just enjoy it and live in the moment and to focus on that. Called Vince McMahon who told him the same thing

-His favorite moment in his career was main eventing Wrestlemania with Stone Cold and his second favorite is main event Mania with Sami Zayn

-When he was deciding on if he should re-sign with WWE, Vince McMahon had a talk with him and after that talk, Owens said there was no chance he was going anywhere else

-Vince & Austin let Owens plan out their Mania match

-His one dream match in WWE is against Finn Balor at Wrestlemania

-Not sure how long he’ll keep wrestling. Says he may go only 2 to 3 or 5 to 10 years

-Has about 1 and a half years left on his WWE contract and not sure what he’ll do next

-Doesn’t feel like the tag belts are as important now as they were when The Usos held them and it frustrates him seeing as how the Belts weren’t even defended at Money on the Bank

-Paul Heyman suggested that Owens threaten to quit WWE if Owens wasn’t booked for Mania 35. Owens says he didn’t go and do that though

-Still wants to be a part of the wrestling business even when he stops wrestling

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