Who are the biggest stars in WWE today?

Jul 31, 2023 - by staff

The time is nigh for one of the most exciting nights in the WWE calendar – it’s Summer Slam! But it may come as a surprise to many that WWE (or what used to be known as WWF for the older folk) is still such a massive draw. In fact, numbers released by the organisation recently from the Money in the Bank event in London reveal some of the most lucrative shows in the history of the sport. With the fight for leisure focus split between so many competing activities – online sports and online casino gaming, Esports, traditional sports and more – it is incredible to think that the world of wrestling still holds such an appeal deep into the 21st Century. But it does! And it’s in no small part to these kings and queens of the ring:

Roman Reigns

Probably the biggest star of the current crop of WWE talent, Roman Reigns is a bona fide wrestling superstar. The Tribal Chief, as he is known to fans of the franchise, has long been undisputed WWE universal champion and there’s no doubt that he would leave an irreparable hole if he was to for some reason stop fighting. He may not fight as often as he used to, but Roman Reigns is already a modern legend of the sport and a hero to many young fans.

Brock Lesnar

Another true wrestling superstar and an essential cog in the WWE wheel is Brock Lesnar. Lesnar is a true beast of the sport and has added oomph through the unforgettable promos provided on his behalf by the legendary Paul Heyman. Many fans of an older vintage will remember The Undertaker! Well, it was Lesnar who put to an end to the undead’s incredible streak at Wrestlemania, and he put in another unforgettable performance at the 2020 Royal Rumble. He may have eventually lost out to another man on this list – Drew McIntyre – but it was an event that further cemented his legend.

Becky Lynch

The first female fighter on this list and a bona fide star, Irish fighter Becky Lynch has been turning heads for some time in WWE and has attracted a strong and dedicated fan base during her years in the sport, even though she has often switched sides from good girl to villain. Even taking time out to give birth failed to diminish the impact of this larger-than-life character and she has been on a spectacular run of success ever since, winning even more fans and admirers in the process. Lynch is a four-time Smackdown women’s champion and only the sixth woman in the history of the organisation to be a Triple Crown champion. Plus, the Limerick-born wrestler’s marriage to fellow wrestler, and fellow entrant on this list, Seth Rollins, with whom she has her daughter, cements her place as one half of the most famous couple in wrestling.

Drew McIntyre
Arguably the biggest draw on Smackdown when Roman Reigns is not in action, Scotsman Drew McIntyre is another celtic legend of modern WWE. Immensely enjoyable feuds with the likes of Sheamus have made McIntyre a popular character among fans and the support he received in his ultimately unsuccessful challenge against Roman Reigns to become the undisputed WWE Universal Champion at the unforgettable Clash at the Castle was living proof that McIntyre is one of the most popular fighters in the franchise.

Bianca Belair

Another huge star of WWE and one of the biggest draws among female competitors, Bianca Belair is a modern legend of the sport. She only made the roster in 2020 but has cemented superstar status in that short time, barely losing any bouts of note and secured the women’s championship belt at Wrestlemania 38. That win cemented her as the wrestler to beat and the spotlight has been on this hugely entertaining fighter ever since, outshining other big names including Liv Morgan and ex-MMA star Ronda Rousey, which is no mean feat.

Seth Rollins

One of the MVPs of 2022, Seth Rollins is a newer character in the WWE universe and has made a huge impact on the organisation and fans. His draw is a larger than life personality that attracts plenty of entertaining feuds. But he also backs it up with stunningly athletic performances in the ring. Some of his most iconic fights include match-ups against Roman Reigns and Cody Rhodes. Rollins is one of the most consistent performers on the circuit and if you wanted to pick one wrestler to watch in a bout, Rollins is probably your man for pure entertainment and wrestling ability. Spectacular. And his marriage to Becky Lynch only enhances the star appeal.

And don’t forget…

Huge names from WWE past have either made or are rumoured to be making staggering returns to the ring. These include Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, John Cena and ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin. With these legendary names complementing the new breed of superstars, it’s no surprise that the popularity of WWE is not only enduring, but perhaps surpassing its previous peak

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