7/26/23 AEW Dynamite Recap

Jul 26, 2023 - by Michael Riba

The opening credits roll. Excalibur, Taz, and Tony Schiavone are on commentary from Albany, New York.

Match #1 – AEW International Championship Match: Orange Cassidy (c) vs. AR Fox
They lock up and Fox backs Cassidy into the ropes. They have a clean break and lock up again, and then Cassidy backs Fox into the ropes this time. Cassidy breaks and tries to put his hands in his pockets, but Fox goes behind for a waist-lock. Fox drops Cassidy down and Cassidy nips up after a few lazy attempts at it. Fox takes Cassidy back down and applies a body scissors hold. Cassidy gets free and nips up again. Cassidy drops Fox with an arm drag and goes for a dropkick, but Fox rolls through and gets a two count. Fox kicks Cassidy in the head and follows with a back elbow in the corner. Fox goes for a cutter, but Cassidy gets free and goes to the floor. Cassidy walks around the ring and taunts Fox, but then Fox drops him with an assisted moonsault off the ring post. Fox gets Cassidy back into the ring and slams him down. Cassidy comes back with Stundog Millionaire and goes for the DDT, but Fox shoves him into the corner.
Fox delivers a few knees to Cassidy and drops him with a cutter. Cassidy comes back and goes for a DDT, but Fox counters with a twisting neck-breaker. Fox goes for the cover, but Cassidy kicks out as the show heads to a commercial.
Back from the break, Cassidy kicks Fox’s knee. Fox comes back with a kick of his own, and then they exchange kicks to the face. They butt heads in the middle of the ring and then drop each other with cutters. Fox sends Cassidy to the apron, but Cassidy slams his head into the turnbuckle pads. Cassidy comes back in, but Fox delivers a senton and drops Cassidy with a dive on the floor. Fox gets Cassidy back into the ring and hits another senton, this one for a two count. Fox puts Cassidy up top, but Cassidy counters and sends him to the floor. Cassidy sends Fox into the barricade with a dive and gets him back into the ring. Cassidy drops Fox with a DDT and follows with Beach Break. Cassidy goes for the cover, but Fox kicks out. Cassidy goes up top, but Fox leaps up and slams him down. Fox goes for the cover, but Cassidy kicks out at two.
Fox goes up top again, but Cassidy rolls away from him. Fox goes around the ring and delivers a senton on the apron. Fox drops Cassidy with a DDT and goes for the cover, but Cassidy kicks out. Fox goes up top for a 450 splash, but Cassidy dodges it and gets a crucifix cover for a two count. Cassidy follows with a mousetrap cover and gets the pin fall.
Winner and still AEW International Champion: Orange Cassidy
-After the match, they shake hands and Cassidy puts his sunglasses on Fox. Cassidy turns his back, and then Fox breaks the sunglasses and delivers a forearm shot to Cassidy. Darby Allin comes to the ramp and argues with Fox about it, since Allin was the one who got Fox the title match. Allin tells Fox it is embarrassing and asks him what the hell that was. Jon Moxley rushes the ring and drops Cassidy with a clothesline. Moxley delivers the Paradigm Shift and leaves the ring.

Highlights from last week’s Blood and Guts Match airs, and then Renee Paquette interviews Chris Jericho and Don Callis. Callis says the outpouring of interest of Jericho potentially joining his family is leading him to believe that they need to give something to the people. Callis says Jericho should have a tag team match with Konosuke Takeshita and Jericho says he is willing to give it a try. Callis says their opponents will be Daniel Garcia and Sammy Guevara and Jericho has second thoughts. Callis says that Jericho said he wants Garcia and Guevara to spread their wings and be on their own, and Jericho agrees again.

A vignette for Hook airs. He is sitting in the subway station with the FTW Championship, but then a subway train goes by and the title disappears. Another train goes by and Hook disappears.

The Blackpool Combat Club are backstage. Claudio Castagnoli says let it be a lesson that nobody messes with them, and then Moxley interrupts and says what happened out there was the beginning and talked about Cassidy wearing jeans while he wrestles.

Tony Schiavone interviews the new FTW Champion, Jack Perry. Perry says Hook proved he couldn’t hang with him, and then says when he was talking about winning a title he wasn’t talking about the FTW title. Perry says the FTW title was created in a second-class company and has never been recognized. Perry says as soon as he put his hands on it, it became the real deal and he is the best wrestler to be within 100 feet of it. Perry says he would run circles about Taz and all of his dirt bag friends back in the day. Jerry Lynn interrupts and says ECW paved the way for the younger generation. Lynn says without ECW, there wouldn’t be a Jungle Boy. Lynn tells Perry to keep running his mouth and get his ass kicked. Perry says he would like to see who is going to kick his ass, and Lynn drops his microphone. Perry says he isn’t dressed for a fight right now and they will do it on his fine. Perry says next week, Lynn can come to his ring and they’ll see who gets their ass kicked.

Renee Paquette interviews Dr. Britt Baker, D.M.D. Baker talks about her match against Taya Valkyrie later on and says that TBS stands for The Britt Show.

Match #2 – Singles Match: PAC vs. Gravity
Gravity takes advantage early on and drives his shoulder into PAC’s midsection. Gravity delivers a forearm shot and sends PAC to the floor. PAC goes after Gravity, but Gravity keeps escaping through the ring. PAC finally delivers a sliding dropkick and goes to slam Gravity into the barricade, but Gravity counters and slams PAC into it instead. Gravity drops PAC with a power slam on the floor and connects with a splash from the apron as the show heads to a commercial.
Back from the break, PAC slams Gravity down as the Blackpool Combat Club are shown watching the match backstage. PAC delivers a few shots in the corner, but Gravity kicks him in the face a few times. Gravity drops PAC with a cross-body and goes for the cover, but PAC kicks out. PAC comes back with a few kicks to the midsection and then one to the head. PAC chokes Gravity with his boot in the corner and puts him up top. PAC climbs and delivers an avalanche brain buster. PAC locks in the Brutalizer and Gravity gives up.
Winner: PAC

Footage of Adam Cole and MJF winning the Blind Eliminator Tournament last week is shown. An interview with Renee Paquette, Cole and MJF airs afterward. Before Cole can speak, MJF interrupted and said he liked FTR a lot more when they were his lackeys. MJF mocked FTR for a bit, and then said he is going to punch Dax Harwood in the mouth so hard that he will have to spit out CM Punk’s jock strap. Cole said when the tournament started, it was only about winning gold for him, but then it became about friendship. Cole said MJF had nothing to worry about when he picked up the AEW World Championship, and then said MJF has become one of his best friends. MJF said win, lose, or draw for the tag titles, he is going to give Cole a rematch for the world title. Roderick Strong ran in and shoved MJF away, and then argued with him. Cole told MJF he would catch up with him later and then told Strong he is pushing him away. Cole told Strong to trust him and Strong grabbed his arm, but then Cole told him about boundaries and walked away as Strong told him he was making a mistake.

After the break, an interview with Renee and FTR also aired. Cash Wheeler said he is excited about the match, but feels bad that Cole is dragged into it. Wheeler called MJF a terrible human being and says everyone who has ever been with him has left him. Dax Harwood said Cole is an alright guy and and said he thinks it’s hilarious that MJF is making a mockery out of tag team wrestling and the titles. Harwood said they are going to have a fight on Saturday.

Match #3 – Singles Match: Darby Allin (w/Nick Wayne) vs. Swerve Strickland (w/Prince Nana)
They lock up and Strickland backs Allin into the ropes. Allin turns it into a side-headlock and takes Strickland down. Strickland comes back and puts Allin on the apron, but Allin comes back in and drops Strickland again. Strickland gets to his feet and delivers a shot to the midsection. Allin comes back with an arm drag, but Strickland sends him to the apron. Strickland delivers a shot and goes after Allin, but Allin drops to the floor as Strickland dives over the ropes. Allin drops Strickland with Code Red and gets him back into the ring. Allin goes for the cover, but Strickland kicks out. Allin takes Strickland to the outside and chops him against the barricade. Allin slams Strickland into the opposite barricade and moves the ring steps. Allin delivers a Coffin Splash against the barricade, but Strickland comes back and delivers a kick to his head off of the steps as the show heads to a commercial.
Back from the break, Allin kicks Strickland in the face, but Strickland comes back with a Flatliner. Strickland drops Allin with a suplex and goes for the cover, but Allin kicks out. Strickland works over Allin’s arm, but Allin comes back with a roll-up for a two count. They exchange roll-ups for two counts, and then Allin gets the Last Supper cover for another two count. Allin spears Strickland off the apron and gets him back into the ring. Strickland rolls out the other side, and then Wayne pulls Nana off the apron. Allin goes for another dive, but Strickland cuts him off with a shot. Strickland gets Allin back into the ring and delivers the Swerve Stomp. Strickland goes for the cover, but Allin kicks out at two. Allin drives his shoulder into Strickland and goes up top, but Strickland cuts him off. Strickland deliver an elbow strike and picks Allin up, but Allin counters with an avalanche stunner.
Allin goes back up top, but Strickland trips him up and climbs as well. Strickland delivers a Death Valley Driver from the middle rope onto the apron. AR Fox runs our and slams Allin into the ring post, and then Strickland drags Allin back into the ring and delivers the JML Driver for the pin fall.
Winner: Swerve Strickland
-After the match, AR Fox hits the ring and attacks Allin, but Wayne makes the save and goes after Strickland. Fox hits Wayne with Allin’s skateboard and officially joins the Mogul Embassy.

Renee is outside the Jericho Appreciation Society’s locker room, where they are looking upset. Jericho walks up and says they can all go in. They all ask him what is up with him. Angelo Parker says he is not giving the comb back to Jericho yet and says the group means the world to them. Parker says they aren’t sure if it means the same to Jericho anymore, and then Anna Jay says until Jericho proves himself to them again they aren’t going to give him one hundred percent. Jericho asks if they think it is easy for him, and Matt Menard says it looks easy and tells Jericho to figure it out fast.

Footage of the match between The House of Black and the trio of Daddy Ass Billy Gunn and The Acclaimed from last Saturday’s Collision airs, in which Gunn seemingly retired after the match.

Match #4 – Singles Match: Dr. Britt Baker, D.M.D. vs. Taya Valkyrie
They lock up and Valkyrie slams Baker down. Valkyrie slams Baker again and applies a front face-lock. Baker turns it into a side-headlock, but Valkyrie tosses her away. Baker comes right back to the hold and takes Valkyrie down. Valkyrie counters with a side slam, but Baker keeps the hold applied. Valkyrie drops Baker with a shoulder tackle and delivers running double knees in the corner. Valkyrie goes for the cover, but Baker kicks out. Valkyrie chops Baker a few times and slams her down. Valkyrie goes for the cover, but Baker kicks out once more. Valkyrie delivers a few forearm shots, but Baker kicks her in the knee. Baker goes for the stomp, but Valkyrie dodges it. Valkyrie delivers the Road to Valhalla and delivers right hands on the mat as the show heads to a commercial.
Back from the break, Baker dodges double knees in the corner. Baker applies a neck-wrench and follows with knee strikes. Baker sends Valkyrie to the corner and delivers a ripcord elbow strike. Baker goes for the cover, but Valkyrie kicks out at one. They exchange forearm shots and Valkyrie follows with a roundhouse kick. Baker comes back with a thrust kick, and then Valkyrie delivers another kick and a lariat. Valkyrie goes for the cover, but Baker kicks out. Baker comes back with a kick to the face, but Valkyrie takes her down with a suplex for a two count. Baker kicks Valkyrie in the face and hits Panama Sunrise for a two count. Baker puts on her glove, but Valkyrie counters with a forearm shot and kick to the midsection. Valkyrie delivers a knee strike and follows with a Spear. Valkyrie goes for the Road to Valhalla, but Baker counters and takes Valkyrie down. Baker locks in Lockjaw and Valkyrie gives up.
Winner: Dr. Britt Baker, D.M.D.

Announced for this Friday’s Rampage:
-#1 Contender’s (AEW World Tag Team Championship) Battle Royal: Angelo Parker and Matt Menard vs. Big Bill and Brian Cage vs. Brother Zay and Ethan Page vs. Christopher Daniels and Matt Sydal vs. Jay Lethal and Satnam Singh vs. Luther and Serpentico vs. The Butcher and The Blade vs. The Hardys
-Hikaru Shida vs. Nyla Rose
-Kip Sabian vs. Scorpio Sky
-The Kingdom in action

Announced for this Saturday’s Collision:
-AEW World Tag Team Championship Match: FTR (c) vs. Adam Cole and MJF
-Trios Tag Team Match: Action Andretti, Darius Martin, and El Hijo del Vikingo vs. Juice Robinson and The Gunns
-Ladder Match for Idolo’s Mask: Andrade El Idolo vs. Buddy Matthews

Announced for next Wednesday’s Dynamite:
-Chris Jericho and Konosuke Takeshita vs. Daniel Garcia and Sammy Guevara
-Jack Perry and Jerry Lynn meet face-to-face

Match #5 – Three-Way Tag Team Match: Best Friends (Chuck Taylor and Trent Beretta) vs. The Blackpool Combat Club (Claudio Castagnoli and Jon Moxley) (w/Wheeler Yuta) vs. The Lucha Brothers (Penta El Zero Miedo and Rey Fenix) (w/Alex Abrahantes)
The Lucha Bros and Best Friend start brawling before The BCC hit the ring. The BCC finally get to ringside and all six men brawl on the outside. They brawl up the ramp and Taylor throws Moxley off the stage. Taylor dives onto everyone from the stage and then takes Castagnoli back toward the ring. They exchange shots as Beretta and Moxley do the same on the ramp. Castagnoli slams Taylor into the ring steps as Fenix gets back into the ring. Castagnoli and Fenix exchange shots, and then Fenix kicks him in the face. Fenix takes Castagnoli down with an arm drag, and then Beretta drops Fenix with a knee strike. Moxley drops Beretta and Penta drops Moxley, and then Castagnoli drops Fenix with an uppercut. Castagnoli goes for the cover, but Fenix kicks out. Moxley officially tags in and delivers a shot to Fenix. Moxley chokes Fenix with his knee against the ropes and follows with a corner clothesline.
Castagnoli tags back in and drops Fenix with a snap suplex. Castagnoli follows with a leg drop and goes for the cover, but Fenix kicks out. Fenix comes back with a super kick and Beretta tags in. Beretta takes Fenix down and delivers shots, and then delivers strikes to Castagnoli. Beretta drops Castagnoli with a DDT and goes for the cover, but Castagnoli kicks out. Beretta delivers a few more shots to Castagnoli and drops him with a side suplex. Beretta runs the ropes, but Castagnoli cuts him off with an uppercut and tags in Moxley. Moxley drops Beretta with the King Kong Lariat and goes for the cover, but Beretta kicks out as the show heads to a commercial.
Back from the break, Castagnoli has Beretta up top, but Beretta punches him down. Beretta drops Castagnoli with a dropkick, but Moxley tags in. Taylor tags in, as well, and delivers chops and shots to Moxley. Taylor delivers Soul Food, but Moxley comes back with body shots in the corner. Taylor delivers a knee strike and follows with a German suplex. Penta tags in and drops Taylor with a pair of Slingblades. Penta delivers a Backstabber and goes for the cover, but Beretta breaks it up. Castagnoli and Moxley double-team Beretta, but Fenix drops them with a cross-body. The Lucha Bros deliver double thrust kicks to The BCC, but The BCC come back with double lariats. Taylor goes for the cover, but Moxley kicks out. Beretta tags in, but then all six men brawl and exchange shots. Best Friends drop The Lucha Bros with spike pile-drivers after The BCC was sent to the outside. Beretta goes for the cover, but Penta kicks out.
The Lucha Bros come back with kicks and then a double submission on Best Friends. Penta then slams Beretta with Made in Japan and goes for the cover, but The BCC break it up. Castagnoli delivers elbows to Taylor as Moxley drops Fenix with the Paradigm Shift. Castagnoli power bombs Taylor as Moxley stomps on Beretta. Orange Cassidy comes to the ring and lays Yuta out with the Orange Punch. Cassidy goes after Moxley on the outside, and then Beretta slams Castagnoli down. Castagnoli isn’t the legal man and Moxley takes advantage of Cassidy. Penta gets back in the ring and drops Beretta with Fear Factor for the pin fall.
Winners: The Lucha Brothers
-After the match, The BCC continues to brawl with Best Friends and Cassidy. The Lucha Bros try to separate them, but then The Lucha Bros start brawling with Best Friends. Moxley vs. Beretta vs. Penta in a Three-Way Anything Goes Match is announced for next week and everyone continues to brawl as the show comes to a close.

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