7/21/23 AEW Royal Rampage Recap

Jul 21, 2023 - by Michael Riba

The opening credits roll. Chris Jericho, Excalibur, and Tony Schiavone are on commentary from Boston, Massachusetts.

Match #1 – Royal Rampage Match: Angelo Parker vs. Big Bill vs. Bishop Kaun vs. Brian Cage vs. Brother Zay vs. Darby Allin vs. Ethan Page vs. Jake Hager vs. Jay Lethal (w/Sonjay Dutt) vs. Jeff Jarrett (w/Karen Jarrett and Satnam Singh) vs. Komander (w/Alex Abrahantes) vs. Matt Hardy vs. Matt Menard vs. Matt Sydal vs. Minoru Suzuki vs. Nick Wayne vs. Swerve Strickland (w/Prince Nana) vs. The Blade vs. The Butcher vs. Toa Liona
Allin, Lethal, Strickland, and Wayne are the first four entrants. Allin and Lethal are in the red ring, while Strickland and Wayne are in the blue ring. Lethal delivers shots to Allin in the corner as Strickland delivers a diving uppercut to Wayne. Suzuki enters the red ring next as Lethal attacks Allin from behind. Lethal and Suzuki double-team Allin in the corner as Strickland and Wayne try to eliminate each other. Cage enters the blue ring and goes right after Wayne. Cage drives his shoulder into Wayne a few times and follows with a knee strike. Cage delivers shots in the corner and slams Wayne down. Allin causes Lethal to chop Suzuki, and then Page enters the red ring. Page delivers shots to Lethal and drops him with a shoulder tackle. Page slams Lethal down and delivers shots to him in the corner, but Suzuki interrupts and they exchange shots. Komander enters the blue ring.
Komander walks the ropes and takes Cage down with a diving headbutt. Butcher enters the red ring and drops Page with a clothesline. Cage slams Komander down as Allin and Suzuki continue to go at it. Cage tries to eliminate Komander as Bill enters the blue ring. Bill splashes Komander and Wayne in the corners, and then drops Wayne with a big boot and Komander with a Boss Man Slam. Lethal goes for Lethal Injection, but Page blocks it and eliminates him. Lethal tries to pull Page out and Suzuki applies an ankle lock to help eliminate Page. Butcher and Suzuki exchange shots and Suzuki goes for a Gotch-style pile-driver, but Butcher eliminates him as Blade enters the red ring. Butcher and Allin go under the ropes, and then Butcher and Blade double-team Allin on the outside as the show heads to a commercial.
Back from the break, Zay has entered the blue ring. Zay takes Cage down, but Strickland stomps on him. Butcher and Blade continue to double-team Allin as Wayne and Cage exchange shots. Liona enters the red ring and delivers a headbutt to Allin. Blade delivers an elbow strike to Allin as Cage and Bill double-team Wayne. Liona and Butcher throw Allin into the corner as Sydal enters the blue ring. Lions splashes Allin in the corner and Sydal delivers enzuigiris to Cage, Bill, and Strickland. Zay and Sydal drop Strickland with Gin and Juice as Kaun enters the red ring. Kaun delivers shots to Butcher and Blade as Zay is eliminated. Bill and Cage double-team Wayne as Butcher delivers shots to Kaun and Liona. Kaun and Liona come right back and eliminate Butcher and Blade as Hardy enters the blue ring. Hardy slams Strickland’s face into the turnbuckles and drops Cage with the Twist of Fate.
Menard enters the red ring as Cage eliminates Sydal. Menard stares down Kaun and Liona, but then stomps on Allin in the corner. Jarrett enters the blue ring and goes after Hardy. They exchange shots and then Bill attacks Hardy from behind. Jarrett stomps on Hardy as Parker enters the blue ring. Liona delivers shots to Menard, and then Parker delivers shots to Kaun and Liona. Kaun drops Parker with an elbow strike and Hager enters the blue ring as the show heads to a commercial.
Back from the break, Hager and Komander have been eliminated. Allin escapes an elimination and then Kaun and Liona eliminate Menard and Parker. Liona drops Allin with a shot as Jarrett gets eliminated. Bill splashes Hardy in the corner, and then Cage and Strickland slam Hardt down. Bill eliminates Hardy and puts Wayne on the apron. Wayne holds onto Bill and Strickland eliminates Bill. Wayne goes to the red ring and drops Kaun and Liona with a double dropkick from the top. Wayne and Allin eliminate Kaun, and then Wayne goes back to the blue ring. Liona beats down Allin, and then Wayne delivers a stunner to Cage. Cage sends Wayne to the apron, but Wayne pulls him out and gets back into the ring. Strickland almost kicks Cage in the face, but Wayne eliminates Cage. Strickland drops Wayne with a suplex, but Wayne comes back with a kick.
Strickland slams Wayne into the turnbuckle and eliminates him. Allin eliminates Liona and Strickland gets into the red ring. Strickland delivers a shot to Allin and runs the ropes, but Allin sends him to the apron. Nana gets into the ring and hits Allin with the skateboard, but Allin grabs him. Strickland chokes Allin by his necklace and delivers a Torture Rack back-breaker. Strickland puts Allin up top and then power bombs him onto the wheels of the board. Strickland tosses Allin to the apron and goes up top. Strickland goes for the Swerve Stomp, but Allin gets his boots up. Allin delivers a neck-breaker over the top rope, and then dives through the ropes and they both hit the floor, but Allin is the winner as he went through the ropes.
Winner: Darby Allin
-Allin earns an AEW TNT Championship Match at All Out.

Match #2 – Trios Tag Team Match: Daddy Ass Billy Gunn and The Acclaimed (Anthony Bowens and Max Caster) vs. QTV (Aaron Solo, Johnny TV, and QT Marshall) (w/Harley Cameron)
Gunn and Johnny start the match, but Johnny tags Marshall in. They lock up and Gunn applies a side-headlock. Gunn drops Marshall with a shoulder tackle and kicks him in the midsection. Gunn goes for the Famouser, but Marshall goes to the corner. Gunn delivers a right hand and tags in Caster. Caster and Bowens go for Scissor Me Timbers as Gunn delivers a shot to Solo on the outside. Bowens takes out Johnny with a dive instead, and then Gunn and The Acclaimed clear the ring and scissor as the show heads to a commercial.
Back from the break, Gunn and Marshall exchange shots. Bowens comes in and delivers shots to Marshall. Bowens drops Marshall, but then Johnny delivers a roundhouse kick to Bowens. Bowens comes back with chops and a thrust kick. Johnny drops Gunn and Caster with a double clothesline and then Marshall slams Bowens into the barricade. Marshall drops Gunn with a Diamond Cutter and Solo connects with a splash. Johnny goes for the cover, but Gunn kicks out. QTV go for Scissor Me Timbers on Gunn, but Bowens and Caster break it up. Marshall and Johnny get sent to the outside. Gunn slams Solo, Bowens delivers the Arrival, Caster follows with the Mic Drop, and Gunn gets the pin fall.
Winners: Daddy Ass and The Acclaimed
-After the match, Bowens says they are fired up and they will rise to the top of the trios division and will take him gold on tomorrow night’s Collision.

Announced for tomorrow night’s Collision:
-AEW World Trios Championship Match: The House of Black (c) vs. Daddy Ass Billy Gunn and The Acclaimed
-Action Andretti and Darius Martin vs. Jay White and Juice Robinson
-Skye Blue vs. Taya Valkyrie
-We will hear from FTR
-Ricky Starks’ Owen Hart Tournament celebration

Announced for next Wednesday’s Dynamite:
-AEW International Championship Match: Orange Cassidy (c) vs. AR Fox
-Darby Allin vs. Swerve Strickland
-PAC vs. Gravity
-We will hear from Adam Cole and MJF

Match #3 – AEW TBS Championship Match: Kris Statlander (c) vs. Marina Shafir
Statlander takes Shafir down, but Shafir turns it into a waist-lock. Shafir goes into a side-headlock, but Statlander drops her with a shoulder tackle. Statlander slams Shafir down, but Shafir comes back with a front face-lock and delivers shots to Statlander on the mat. Shafir works over Statlander and grinds her foot into her face. Shafir delivers a few kicks, but Statlander dodges the last one and delivers forearm shots. Statlander slams Shafir down and follows with an uppercut and a knee in the corner. Statlander delivers a delayed vertical suplex and goes for the cover, but Shafir kicks out. Statlander goes for Friday Night Fever, but Shafir counters and applies a standing Figure Four. Statlander kicks Shafir away and follows with a discus lariat. Statlander delivers Friday Night Fever and gets the pin fall.
Winner and still AEW TBS Champion: Kris Statlander

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