Edge Reflects On His First Televised Match 25 Years Ago

Jun 23, 2023 - by James Walsh

Edge looks back on his first televised matchup 25 years ago.

The R-Rated Superstar has had one of the most decorated careers in WWE history, a run that includes multiple world title reigns, Royal Rumble wins, a Hall of Fame induction and much more. Today, Edge takes to Twitter to reflect on all of his accomplishments dating back to that first appearance on TV back in 1998. He writes:

25 years ago today was my first match as Edge on television. Millions of miles, millions of faces, amazing experiences, lots of injuries, accomplishments that didn’t even exist when I started, but way more laughs than anything else. Having a second chance to do this has filled me with gratitude. I’ve had an opportunity to get in the ring with a whole new generation of amazing talent and introduce Edge to a whole new generation of fans. That alone makes it a win. I’ve been able to make a living doing the only job I ever dreamed of. I know how rare that is. Thanks for watching Edge all these years.

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