Seth Rollins on being World Champion again

Jun 20, 2023 - by Staff

WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins recently spoke with Alex McCarthy of The Daily Mail and was asked how it feels to finally be World Heavyweight Champion again. He said-

“”It feels a lot different. I’m obviously in a very different place in my career to the last time I held a world heavyweight championship. I’ve grown so much as a performer, as a person, and my relationship with our audience has grown so much more. Everything in a lot of ways feels more effortless. I don’t mean that in terms of confidence or over-confidence, I actually mean it the opposite way in humility. I just feel like I can relate so much more to the audience’s plight and what they look for in a champion like myself and there’s just a great synergy there. It’s a smooth relationship now. It feels good on both ends and so happy to be the person I am today with the title I have.”

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