Impact Wrestling 6/15/23

Jun 15, 2023 - by Scott Porter

Join us tonight for detailed results from the latest episode from Impact Wrestling.  Tonight will feature a kickoff segment featuring the New and now 9 time X Division Champion, Chris Sabin and the New Impact World Champion, Alex Shelley.  The Motor City Machine Guns will address the crowd for the first time, both being the top male singles title holders.  Tom Hannifan and Mathew Rehwoldt are on the call.

The Champs head out together.  Chris Sabin takes the mic first.  He spoke of a dream he recently had about both of them being singles champs together.  He says this wasn’t just a dream, but a dream that come true.  Alex Shelley takes his turn and says he cried because he didn’t think he was good enough to win the big one. He goes into all the major names he helped along their journey.  He says he is now a world champion because of everyone that helped him along his way.  Shelley then calls this the era of the Machine Guns.  Nick Aldis enters the arena and ring.  Aldis congratulates the champions, but he is there to reaffirm himself as the #1 contender to the World Champion.  However, he states he is extremely proud of Alex Shelley.  Alex was one of the inspirations and guiding lights in his career early on.  They will face at SlammiversaryTrey Miguel comes out with much less admiration than Aldis showed the champions.  Sabin tells Miguel to come say the insults to his face.  Miguel says no.  Sheldon Jean and Kenny King come out next.  King cuts a fiery and intense promo on the three in the ring.  Sabin invites all three in the ring.  They head that way and then Gisele Shaw , Jai Vidal and Savanah Evans enter the ring from the back.  Shaw agrees with King.  Except she says she should be the person getting attention.  Alex does the Yep thing, when asked if he deserves the lime light.  Trinity comes out after Shelley tells Shaw she should be taking this up with her.  Trinity and Jai go back and forth a bit and then Knockouts World Champion, Deonna Purrazzo enters the ring.  Deonna talks about being champion for over 500 days.  Trinity reminds Deonna they have a match at SlammiversaryDirector of Authority, Santino Marella heads out next.  He makes a match pitting  The Guns, Deonna Purrazzo, Trinity and Nick Aldis VS King, Jai, Shaw, Savanah King and Trey Miguel.

Steve Maclin is shown in a locker room reflecting on his title loss to Alex Shelley.  He loses control saying he should still be the champion.

We get a quick highlight of oVe winning over The Design.  We get a Design promo backstage.  Deaner starts implying blame on Angels.  Angels then tells Deaner it was his fault they lost.  Kon stops the arguing.  They all glare at each other while Kon rallies them to target Sami Callihan.

Match 1.  Moose VS Rich Swann

Swann is wearing an oVe hat as he enters the ring.  Swann starts the match on the run and lands a missile dropkick.  Moose catches Swann diving from the ring and powerbombs him onto the apron and then swings him into the barricade and then off the 2nd and 3rd rope.  After a quick break, Moose sets up Swann for a powerbomb.  Swann slips free and hits a ranna.  Moose recovers and chokeslams Swann.  The match spills to the floor and Moose chops Swann repeatedly.  He finally misses and chops the post.  Swann starts an attack on the hand.  Moose recovers with a knee to the mid section, but he misses a spear and lands in the corner post.  Swann DDT’s Moose.  He goes to the top, but Moose is able to catch him since he was recovering.  Moose lands a superplex.  After another break, the two are trading blows in the ring.  Swann monkey rolls Moose for 2 and then does it again.  Moose hits a pumpkick, but Swann hits back to back cutters.  Moose kicks out after two.  That was an incredible move set.  Swann misses a 45o, Moose clotheslines and powerbombs Swann for a two count.  Moose starts intimidating the female referee.  Swann avoids a spear and rolls up Moose to win a spirited match.

Winner by pinfall, Moose

We get a highlight of Heath attacking Shera and Singh during BTI.  Heath cuts a promo backstage about his time and struggles.  He is now going to give everyone a wake up call.

Moose bumps into Brian Myers backstage.  Moose is frustrated by the Myers mocking his loss.  Moose warns him to tread lightly.    Myers says he and Moose should get back together as a team and go for the belts.  Moose looks off in thought.

Bully Ray enters the Impact Zone.  He says his name is Bully Ray and he is a victim of Scott D’Amore and bad management at Against All Odds.  Scott took away his chance to be the number one contender to Alex Shelley.  Bully has sent a letter to Anthem and saying he feels uncomfortable in the work place and he wants answers.  Scott comes out.  He calls Bully a whiny, stooging bitch.  Scott mocks Bully’s letter to human resources.  Bully says this is over Human Resources and goes to his boss.  Scott says he talked to the Anthem board and they said he acted unbecoming of a President.  Bully then says you are saying I was right and you were wrong.  Scott raises his hand.  Bully says say it.  Scott says it makes him sick to say this, but he has to take a leave of absence as President.  Bully says that is music to his ears.  Scott lets Bully continue in his rant.  Scott says if he was President he couldn’t do this, and attacks Bully.  Maclin runs in to make the save.  The two then beat down D’Amore in the ring.  Maclin grabs a chair for him and Bully.  They work him over, but the lights go out.  Lightning strikes and PCO is in the ring as the lights come on.  Bully and Maclin attempt to knock PCO out with the chair, but PCO isn’t phased by the shots with the chair.  PCO takes out Maclin and Bully.  D’Amore then announces he made one last match, he and PCO VS Maclin and Bully at Slammiversary.

Maclin and Bully Ray walk into Frankie Kazarian.  Kaz mocks Bully and Maclin and they get in his face.  Eddie Edwards walks up with a Kendo Stick with Alisha.  Bully and Maclin walk off, but Bully says they all should watch their back around him, even Alisha.  They leave.  This leads to Kaz looking at Eddie wondering what is his agenda.  Eddie reminds him they are both Killer Kowalski students and they have history because of that.  Eddie tells him they have a bond over that.  Kaz is confused.  They just had a match.

Match 2.  Decay, Crazzy Steve and Black Taurus VS Bullet Club, World Tag Team Champions, ABC, Ace Austin and Chris Bey

The champs just passed 100 days as the title holders.  Bey and Steve start the match.  Bey trips Steve and double stomps him.  Ace tags as does Taurus.  Taurus choke slams Bey on Ace and pop up Samoan drops Ace.  He then suplexes his partner on Ace.  Steve is now the legal man.  Ace lands a wizard on Steve.  Bey tags in and Steve starts biting the champs.  Bey moonsaults Taurus on the floor.  Art of finesse and fold on Steve and it is over.

Winners by pinfall, The ABC

The camera follows The ABC backstage.  The Motor City Machine Guns congratulate The ABC and ABC do the same in return.  They shake hands.

Bhupinder Gujjar is interviewed backstage, but Dango cuts off the promo at the start.  Gujjar walks off and then Dango looks at Gia Miller and tells her interview girls were supposed to be hot.  lol.

Match 3.  Trinity, Knockouts Champion, Deonna Purrazzo, Nick Aldis, X Division Champion, Chris Sabin and Impact World Champion, Alex Shelley VS Trey Miguel, Sheldon Jean, Kenny King, and Savanah Evans (with Jai Vidal)

Purrazzo and Shaw start the match.  Deonna takes Shaw down with a couple snap mares.  Shaw counters and they have a stare down.  Deonna hits a back elbow off the ropes and tags in Trinity.  Trinity rubs her rear in Gisele’s face in the corner.  Shaw loses it and tags in Evans.  Evans unloads her heavy hands on Trinity right away.  She misses a leg drop.  Trinity hits a knee strike and leg drop for a two count.  Purrazzo tags back in.  She goes for a pin, but gets a two count.  Purrazzo locks on the Queens Gambit.  Trinity enters and locks on star struck.  Trey interferes and breaks up the hold.  We go to break.

Kenny King and Aldis are in the ring.  King and Aldis are slugging it out.  Aldis lands a suplex.  He tags in Sabin.  King tags in Trey.  Sabin and Trey are a different speed level than anyone else and this exchange proves it.   Trey ends gaining an advantage and tags in Jean.  He snap mares Sabin and drops elbows.  Sabin gets to his feet, but Jean tags in King.  King is like a vulture and preys on the injured Sabin.  He stomps Sabin to the floor and his entire team attacks Sabin as King distracts the ref.  King played that masterfully.  Sabin is needing a tag as he re enters the ring.  King ties him up in a few stretch holds.  He drags Sabin to his corner.  Trey tags in and dives to Sabin off the top with a double stomp.  Trey keeps Sabin in his corner.  King tags back in.  Sabin tries to fight back and lands a few shots to King’s mid section.   King throws a back elbow, but eats a kick to the head.  King lands a kick to the head and gets a 1 count.  Shelley is losing it at this point.  Sabin hits a tornado DDT.  Sabin gets to Shelley and tags in.  Shelley comes in hot and tosses around Miguel.  He takes out Vidal  and Kenny King on the floor.  Trey and Shelley end up on the top rope and Shelley does a jumping atomic drop off the top rope.  HAHA.. Great move.  Shelley floats over to a Boarder City Stretch.  Interference breaks out.  Vidal takes out Trinity.  Aldis tosses Vidal.  A spotfest breaks out.  Everyone is highlighted.  King kicks Jean by accident.  Shelley kicks Jean and shell shocks him for the win.

Winners.. Trinity, Aldis, Purrazzo and The Motor City Machine Guns.

Post match, Aldis attacks Shelley from behind.  Sabin chases Aldis off.  The show ends with Shelley wondering what happened.



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