Impact Report, 6/1/23

Jun 1, 2023 - by Scott Porter

Join us tonight for results from the latest episode from Impact Wrestling.  Tom Hannifan and Mathew Rewholdt are once again on the call.

We start off with a Bully Ray promo.  He gloats about his night at Under Siege, burning Scott D’Amore.  He says he will become a 3 time Impact World Champion.  World Champion, Steve Maclin enters the arena.  Maclin claims he was happy he burned Scott.  Bully tells him to shut up.  Then says wait, you’re right.  You are the champion.  You own the ring.  Maclin then asks Bully if they could be a team?  Maclin says if he wins at Against All Odds, he will be happy to defend the title to him at Slammiversary.  Alex Shelley heads out and says he will be the top contender after Against All Odds.  Bully calls him a great professional wrestler.  Bully calls him underrated.  Chris Sabin stands next to his partner. Bully tells Shelley as good as he is, he will never win the title.  Sabin then reminds him of the speech he gave him 10 years, then Sabin beat Bully for the belt.  Maclin then addresses Shelley directly and asks if he can beat him.  Shelley just says yep..  We get a yep chant.  Shelley reminds Maclin he wouldn’t be champion, if Josh Alexander didn’t get hurt.  Sabin asks if they could have a tag match tonight, as the tension goes up.  Bully accepts the challenge, but walks away saying not tonight.  Sub Culture, Flash Morgan Webster, Dani Luna and Mark Andrews head out next.  They challenge The Guns to a match.  The MCMGs accept.

Nick Aldis is interviewed backstage.  He credits Kenny King for his match at Under Siege, but he was the better man.  He is on to his next challenge at the 8-4-1 match at Against All Odds.

Match 1.  Eddie Edwards (with Alisha Edwards) VS Yuya Uemura

Eddie starts the match brawling and gains an early advantage.  Yuya counters with a series of arm drags.  Eddie chops Yuya in the corner.  He continues the chops across the ring into the other corner.  Yuya reverses him, but then gets his eyes poked.  The pace is slow, which favors Eddie.  Yuya dives on the floor onto Eddie after dropkicking him down.  Eddie is now in control after a commercial break.  Alisha apparently interfered.  Yuya gets to his feet, but Eddie lariats him.  He drops a knee and then rakes the eyes, from a rear chin lock position.  Eddie gets cocky and Yuya recovers with a kick to the head.  After a bulldog, he lands a belly to back for a two count.  Yuya then lands a double underhook after another arm drag.  Alisha interferes again.  He catches Yuya on the top rope and superplexes him to the mat.  Yuya recovers and hits a sidewalk slam.  Yuya goes back to the top, dives and hits kneed instead by Eddie.  Eddie then gets a long to off a tiger driver.  After a Boston knee party, it is over.

Winner by pinfall, Eddie Edwards

Frankie Kazarian confronts Eddie on the ramp.  Kaz doesn’t like the interference.  They come to blows.  Kaz puts Eddie in his place and walks off.

Match 2.  Crazzy Steve and Black Taurus (Decay) Sami Callihan and Jake Christ (OVE)

Christ helped Callihan and Rich Swann defeat The Design at Under Siege in his return to Impact.  Steve starts the match biting Christ.  Out of nowhere we get a Callihan and Christ Cutter and it is over.

Winners by pinfall, OVE

The Design sneak into the ring post match.  Kon chokeslams them both.  Angels hits a spin kick.  Deaner is barking orders and then hits an antidote.  Rich Swann enters with a chair.  He is too late.  The damage is done.  The Design leave.

Rich Swann and OVE discuss backstage that Swann can’t team with them at Against All Odds vs The Design.  They will need more help.

Match 3.  Trinity VS Savanah Evans (Jai Vidal and Gisele Shaw)

Evans takes the early advantage, but not for long.  Trinity hits a back elbow and mule kick.  Evans connects with a pop up powerbomb.  She gets a two count.  Evans drives the shoulder into Trinity in the corner.  Trinity lands a kick to the head.  She then uses a modified piledriver for a two count.  After a wizard, Trinity climbs the ropes and splashes Evans.  Evans recovers with a side slam.  Trinity counters with a kick to the head and sunset flip.  She locks on the star struck and Evans taps.

Winner by submission, Trinity

Trinity grabs the mic and says she is waiting for the Knockouts Champion, Deonna Purrazzo.  Purrazzo thanks Trinity for calling her out.  Trinity challenges Purrazzo for a match at Slammiversary.  Purrazzo accepts.  Shaw, Jai and Evans all attack the champion and Trinity from behind.  Shaw lays out everyone with a loaded purse.  Jordynne Grace runs out to make the save.  She does well until she too, gets cracked with the loaded purse.  Shaw then knees Grace three times in the face with the help of Jai and Evans.

Match 4.  Dani Luna (from Sub Culture) VS Jody Threat

Threat is undefeated since joining Impact and this is Luna’s first tv match since joining Impact.  Luna whips Threat into the corner and shoulder drives Threat.  Threat retaliates with lariats and suplex.  Luna is a power lifter.  She uses her strength to muscle Jody off her feat.  After a forearm and 3 amigos Luna gets a long 2 count.  Jody reverses a whip into a back elbow.  The two then tumble over the ropes off a Threat lariat.  Thread then dives off the apron to the floor on Luna.  Back in the ring, Threat hits a cannonball off the top.  She draps Luna over the 2nd rope and knee drives the back.  Threat then hits a slam, that was ugly.  She got dropped on her neck.  Luna is tough.  She lariats her and powerbombs her for two.  Luna hits another lariat for a two count.  Threat rannas Dana and Germans her.  Jody hits the F Bomb and it is over.

Winner.. Jody Threat

Santino Marella and Joe Hendry discuss the betrayal from Dirty Dango.  Sheldon Jean and Kenny King enter.  This sets up a match between Sheldon Jean and Joe Hendry next week.  At Against All Odds Hendry will defend the Digital Media Championship against Dango.

We get a highlight reel of the recent brawl between Killer Kelly and Masha Slamovich.  It appears they are headed for a dog collar match.

Match 5.  The MCMGs VS Sub Culture

 Mark Andrews starts off with Alex Shelley.  Not much happens, so Chris Sabin and Flash Morgan Webster tag in.  The pace pick up and the Guns start double teaming after Sabin knocks Flash to the floor.  Shelley ends up the legal man and he ties up Flash, but Flash reverses the armlock.  Shelley ends up in the corner of Sub Culture.  They start some double teams of their own and they look very much like the Guns.  After a break, the Guns are in control.  Sabin gets a two count off a kick.  He then locks on the abdominal stretch.  Shelley tags in covers Andrews for several two counts.  Mark gets to his feet.  Shelley tags out.  Both of these teams are getting a lot of fan support.  Flash tags in hot.  He does well avoiding double teams and moonsaults them both.  Shelley eventually catches him on the apron, but Sabin misses kicking Flash and kicks his partner.  Flash splashes Sabin off the top for a two count.  This match is fast.  Andrews tags in and they hit a double falcon arrow.  Sabin is reeling.  Shelley enters and all four go at it.  The Guns hit a Magic Killer for two.  Flash makes the save for his team.  Sub Culture and The Guns go on a incredible spot fest.  The crowd loves it.  The Guns hit a double kick.  Andrews stuns Shelley.  Sabin breaks free, missses a tornado DDT.  Sabin hits a cutter.  Shelley and Sabin do the classic move set.  Dark Bomb and it is over.

Winners in an incredible match.  The Motor City Machine Guns.

Great show.

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