Matt Cardona on his relationship with Steph DeLander, addresses AEW rumors, more

May 30, 2023 - by staff

“The Indy God,” Matt Cardona recently joined for an exclusive in-depth interview. During the conversation, Cardona addressed rumors regarding him and AEW, his working relationship with Steph DeLander, the WWE Championship, and much more. You can read the entire interview by clicking here.

Here are some highlights:

Starting his working relationship with Steph DeLander:

“So I was around her for a couple days and I said, ‘this tall son of a b*tch, looks like she can kick my ass. She has the blonde bangs, all jacked up, piercings all over her face. I’m like, this would be perfect. You know? So I hit up my wife, Chelsea, ‘would you mind if I asked this girl to travel to the world with me?’ And she was cool with it, luckily. And then I asked Steph, she was down and then we hit the ground running because I don’t do things half assed, as Michael Hayes once said, ‘you can’t be half pregnant. You know, it’s all in baby.’ So we started the act in Australia, and the next weekend, I had a bunch of shows and the promoter is like, ‘I’m not booking this girl.’ I said, ‘Okay, fine. I’ll fly her in. I’ll pay her, I’ll put her up, you’re not f**king losing a dime.’ I’ll gamble on myself because I know it will pay off. Now look, everyone’s booking her. Everyone knows who she is. So listen, if I can help someone out along the way, great. But really, selfishly, I’m using her. She’s using me, it’s a 50/50 thing, we’re both using each other get to the top.”

The WWE Championship being #1 on his bucket list:

“Well, I mean, in general wrestling, never won the big one, never won the WWE Championship. So that’s, that’s definitely my number one. Indie wise, I’ve been to Mexico, Japan for WWE. I would love to go there on my own. So there are some things in the works but nothing concrete yet, so I would love to do that. Listen, I will go anywhere that f***ing pays me. You know what I’m saying, I’m a mark for money. If you book me,, if I have that date for you, which I probably don’t but if I do. You pay my f***ing full rate, and you give me that 50% deposit to advertise me I’ll f***ing be there. And have the best f***ing match on the show. And that’s it. If you’re paying me, I will be there.”

AEW rumors about him:

“I mean, come on. That was so fake. Listen, I’m flattered, I think I would be great on that show. I think AEW, what they’ve been doing is fantastic. I mean, adding another show, prime time, incredible. It shows their growth, they’re on their way to maybe sell out Wembley Stadium, which is incredible. AEW is doing some great things, but no, that is not a true lineup. Unless Tony Khan calls me tomorrow. I mean, I’m a free agent for a reason, baby. I’m always ready.”

Cardona also commented on the chemistry between him and Steph DeLander, being the biggest indy wrestling star right now, his cat Kylo returning home, Craig Carton, and much more. You can check out the complete interview at this link.

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