All In to air live but Tony Khan gives no details

May 29, 2023 - by Colin Vassallo

AEW President Tony Khan said during the post-PPV press conference that the All In show at London’s Wembley Stadium will for sure air live somewhere but could not give any details of what the plans are.

The show is not listed as being a pay-per-view and rumors are that it could be part of the Max streaming service in the United States. ITV currently airs AEW in the UK but it’s unknown if they would air it on free television there.

Khan also said that All In has surpassed 65,000 tickets sold and the gate is over $8 million and is on track of being the highest-grossing pro wrestling event in the country ever.

All In will be followed by All Out a week later, and that will be on traditional pay-per-view.

5 Responses

  1. Kyle Christie says:

    Wait, what?! They are gonna have another PPV a week later? That makes no sense!

  2. Mikie V says:

    @Kyle Christie – I know, right? I mean, TNA never aired weekly PPVs, so back-to-back PPVs won’t work…

  3. TrollBuster says:

    -laughs in “Tuesday in Texas”-

  4. Mighty2000 says:

    @Mikie V, you’re right! Those weekly PPVs ended because they didn’t work. Thankfully they were under $10, too. @Kyle Christie is right!

  5. Kyle Christie says:

    @Mikie V – They have tons of weekly shows as it is, another 4 hour + show is unnecessary and by that point they will have Collision too. No need. Same thing when WWE has done it in the past, I just don’t see the point of it.
    @Mighty2000 – *Fist bump*

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