AEW held a mandatory talent meeting prior to tonight’s PPV

May 28, 2023 - by Steve Gerweck

AEW held a mandatory meeting with talent about Public Relations Awareness and the importance of being “off the record” when speaking with Dirt Sheet writers.

The meeting was led by new public relations hire Adam Hopkins, who had over 25 years experience in WWE.

Bryan Danielson spoke at the meeting as well. Danielson said that maybe he isn’t the best person to give advice considering that when he was supposed to be promoting a Kenny Omega match, instead he garnered headlines about how he said apples were tree semen.

Claudio Castagnoli spoke, and put forth the importance of media interviews as a way to promote yourself, your story, and the on-screen program.

This meeting was said to be positively received by talent.

source: Fightful

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