Audio: Tony Khan’s Double or Nothing media call: brand split, Collision, Sting, and more

May 26, 2023 - by Steve Gerweck

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Tony Khan AEW media call notes: Brand split, Collision, Jamie Hayter injury, Sting. The AEW head was not asked about CM Punk during the call.

AEW head Khan addressed the media Thursday on a conference call to promote Double or Nothing, address questions about a potential brand split, future announcements for Collision, and more.

Here are notes from the call with the full audio linked below:

-When asked about a potential brand split, Khan wouldn’t give a firm answer on what will happen when Collision debuts. He said he wants fans to wonder what is going to happen with the roster and is excited to eventually follow up on that question.

-When asked about the television deal for Collision, Khan said the length of the deal for the new show is the same as they currently have for Dynamite and Rampage, but didn’t disclose any financials. He said Warner Bros Discovery reached out to them with the idea of adding another show.

-Regarding running Collision on Saturdays, Khan said Saturday nights are the best event nights for live shows and selling tickets. He said they have to do something special and make it destination viewing and believes they have plans in place to do so.

-When asked about Taya Valkyrie, Khan responded that she is very experienced, a great wrestler, and great in the locker room. He also said she is the biggest challenge Jade Cargill has faced yet.

-When asked about possibly going up against the NFL’s Saturday games and with PPVs on Sundays, Khan said he generally doesn’t want to do it and it would be very tough competition. However, he sounded as though he understands it will happen. He also mentioned that AEW is on the radar of NFL executives, who have noticed the ratings they bring in.

-Asked for an update on Jamie Hayter, Khan would not give a clear answer regarding if she will wrestle on the pay-per-view. He mentioned that she was not cleared for a match recently but otherwise avoided giving an answer.

-Khan said that Sabu won’t be a regular on AEW programming but could make future guest appearances after Double or Nothing. He mentioned that he and his father saw Sabu in the ECW Arena when Tony was 13 years old and that his father texted him after seeing Sabu on Dynamite Wednesday.

-Khan praised Jungle Boy, Sammy Guevara, MJF, and Darby Allin as well as the Four Pillars storyline they have been involved with.

-Asked about possible future announcements regarding Collision, Khan said he is definitely being “intentionally secret” about where all of this is going. This was the closest anyone came to asking about Punk.

-Khan commented on WWE NXT Battleground happening on the same night as Double or Nothing. He said he’s always eager to compete so long as it’s done with ethical standards. Khan also said he doesn’t consider them running a show on the same night as an unethical move but “the other side” has acted unethically in the past.

-Khan said that with the addition of Collision, he wants more people helping out with creative. He mentioned QT Marshall, Pat Buck, Jerry Lynn, Dean Malenko, Madison Rayne, Sarah Stock, BJ Whitmer, and Will Washington as those who contribute from a creative perspective. He also said he’s been leaning on Bryan Danielson more lately.

-Khan said he is confident they will get wrestlers from Stardom for Forbidden Door.

-Khan was asked if Collision means AEW will be running more pay-per-views and responded that it’s something they could consider but only if it made sense regarding their deal with Warner Bros Discovery.

-Regarding a potential Sting retirement match, Khan said Sting can wrestle as long as he wants to. Sting hasn’t given him a date on when he will retire. He praised what Sting brings to the company. Khan called Sting’s retirement match the biggest moment in wrestling that’s out there right now.

-Asked about possible commentators for AEW Collision, Khan complimented Veda Scott and said he’s got some names in mind that people might find surprising.

-He said he suggested Willow Nightingale for the NJPW Strong Women’s title tournament. Khan praised her performances in Ring of Honor and AEW.

-In response to a question on Mercedes Mone’s injury possibly changing plans for Forbidden Door, Khan said that Mone was probably the odds-on favorite to win the tournament. He said only he and Mone know about any conversations for the June PPV.

-Khan did not provide broadcast details for All In, nor information about All Out the following week.

-He confirmed that AEW Dark and Dark: Elevation being canceled is due to the new agreement with Warner Bros Discovery.

-Khan said he doesn’t consider ROH a feeder system, specifically mentioning the promotion’s champions as top stars. Fans can expect a bigger episode of ROH TV this week as well.

Sources: F4WOnline for the recap, AEW for the audio

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