Photos: Sami Zayn has arrived in Saudi Arabia

May 25, 2023 - by Steve Gerweck

As previously noted, The WWE Superstars who will be part of the Night of Champions premium live event this Saturday are now all in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia basking in the extreme heat and getting ready for the show. Sami Zayn posted the following photos via Twitter:

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  1. Kevin H says:

    Does anyone know what he’s doing or where exactly he is in Saudi Arabia? I don’t mean to sound facetious at all. I just genuinely enjoy learning about others cultures and religions and was wondering the significance of what he’s doing . Thank you if you offer a reply.

  2. Sammy says:

    Kevin H. He is at Kaaba. It is in a Mosque in Mecca. It is a Holy site for Muslims to pray.

  3. DB says:

    Now that Syria and Saudi Arabia have opened diplomatic ties again, this has allowed Sami to perform in SA and experience a personal religious experience on the same trip. I only hope the positive experiences continue for Sami and gives him more insight in his journey in life.

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