Impact Wrestling, 5/25/23

May 25, 2023 - by Scott Porter

Join us for up to the minute results from Impact Wrestling.  This is the go home show for the Under Siege PPV.  Coverage will begin shortly.

Tonight’s Card:

  • Jordynne Grace vs. Alisha Edwards
  • Rich Swann (w/ Sami Callihan) vs. Alan Angels (w/ Kon & Deaner of The Design)
  • Sheldon Jean & Kenny King vs. DECAY (Crazzy Steve & Black Taurus)
  • Taylor Wilde (w/ KiLynn King of The Coven) vs. Jessicka
  • John Skyler (w/ Brian Myers & Jason Hotch of The Good Hands) vs. Chris Bey (w/ Ace Austin of Buller Club)
  • “Speedball” Mike Bailey vs. Chris Sabin

The show is back in Chicago, but will be in London, Ontario Canada for Under Siege tomorrow.

Match 1.  “Speedball” Mike Bailey VS Chris Sabin

The two shake hands to start the match.  Both are former X Division Champions.  They both want that belt again.  These two are so similar in many ways.  They are both acrobatic and have an arsenal of kicks and high spots.  The match spills to the floor briefly after an early exchange that neither gain an advantage.  Sabin actually bended the rules upon re entering the ring by driving his boot into the knee after tying Bailey up in the ropes.  Bailey hits a kick to the face off the ropes.  The match is getting chippie now.  Bailey hits a running shooting star for a quick one count.  Sabin basement dropkicks Bailey while he tried a hamstring bounce off the ropes.  Sabin follows it up with a boot to the face in the corner.  Sabin gets a 2 count off a tornado DDT.  Bailey reverses cradle shock into a ranna.  Sabin knees Bailey in the face while Bailey tried to do a tornado kick.  They trade kicks in the ring.  Sabin wins the exchange with several knees and a powerbomb.  Sabin is clearly looking more physical the last few weeks.  Bailey trips Sabin to the floor and kicks him from the apron on the floor.  He then moon saults off the rope to the floor.  Bailey misses ultimate weapon and then Sabin powerbombs him from the apron to the floor.  This match has been exactly what you would have expected.. great stuff.  They fight their way to the top rope.  Bailey kicks Sabin in the face, Sabin slips under and Germans him to the floor.  He then hits lariat.  Bailey rolls out of a cradle shock for a two count.  Bailey hits a cresent and savate kick.  After tornado kick, he misses the ultimate weapon.  Sabin lands a cradle shock and it is over.  Great match.

Winner by pinfall, Chris Sabin

We get a Trinity (Fatu) vignette next.  She is very excited to be in Impact.  She talks about meeting Jordynne Grace and Knockouts Champion, Deonna Purrazzo.  She also talks about her upcoming match with Gisele Shaw at Under Siege.

We get a World Champion, Steve Maclin vignette next.  He will face PCO at Under Siege.  The video package ends and Maclin cuts a promo backstage.  He says PCO is now injured due to his attack with a sledgehammer last week.  He says he will face a new challenger and come out and say who it is.

Nick Aldis joins commentary.

Match 2. Kenny King and Sheldon Jean VS Decay (Black Taurus and Crazzy Steve)

Aldis and King start talking smack to each other before the bell rings.  They are about to go at it tomorrow.  Steve and Jean start the match.  Steve gets the best of the exchange.  Both tag out.  Taurus shoulders King to the floor on the corner. We go to break.  Back, King is working the back of Taurus.  He tags in Jean, but Taurus knocks them both off their feet.  Taurus clears the ring, but King interferes and Jean dropkicks Taurus.  Aldis is knocking King for being a coward.  King tags in he makes fun of Taurus.  He then powerslams him.  King then lands a spinning back breaker. Taurus recovers and sling blades King.  Steve tags in and hits several lariats.  After a cannonball, Jean has to save King.  Decay then double team King.  Taurus flies to the floor on Jean. King and Steve counter each in the ring.  King hits a royal flush and it is over.

Winner by pinfall, Kenny King and Sheldon Jean

King cuts a promo in the ring.  He calls out Nick Aldis.  He says he is a pompous British ass.  Aldis defends himself by saying King is trying to make a name for himself by facing him.  He calls him a little bitch.  Aldis then says lets have a bitch slap special.  He tries to enter the ring, Jean attack him, but he gets floored.  King then leaves singing he will see him tomorrow.  Yes he was singing.

Match 3.  Jessicka VS Taylor Wilde (with KyLynn King of Coven)

Wilde attacks Jessicka right off the onset.  Jessicka gets hit with the Witches Wrath after King interferes and one half of the tag champs gets the win that quick.

Winner.  Taylor Wilde

Just then Courtney Rush leaves the Undead Realm.  This is the alter ego of Rosemary.  Rush makes the save  and helps Jessicka.

Backstage Rush says that she is the person that Rosemary has been living in for the last 7 years.  Jessicka asks if she wants to be in the Death Dolls.  Rush happily agrees and they celebrate together.

Match 4.   Angels (with the Design, Deaner and Kon) VS Rich Swann (with Sami Callihan)

Swann outwrestles Angels to start the match.  Angels tries punches, but Swann easily beats him from every angle.  Angels goes to the floor and trips Swann on the apron.  He then monkey flips him into the post.  Angels hits a pretty half and half suplex.  Angles then pulls the hair and powerslams Rich for a two count.  Swann recovers and connects with a few boots and a neck breaker.  He goes back to the kicks and sentons Angles on the floor.  Back in the ring, he hits a handspring cutter for two.  Swann gets knocked off the top rope and then DDT’d.  This is a good showing for Angels.  They start trading tornado backfists and kicks.  Angels hits another half and half.  Angels moonsaults Swann on the floor.  He then hits a frog splash for a two count.  Deaner calls for Angels to finish the job.  Angels heads back to the top.  Swann catches him with a kick and ranna off the top.  He then hits a 450 and it is over.

Winner by pinfall, Rich Swann

Kon and Deaner attack Swann.  Callihan grabs a bat and tries to defend his friend.  Deaner steals the bat and hits Swann.  Deaner cheap shots Sami with the bat several times.  Kon was holding him.  The Design stand tall.

Knockouts Champion, Deonna Purrazzo is interviewed backstage.  She talks about her match with Jordynne Grace tomorrow.  Alisha Edwards comes out and tells her she will see Grace’s true colors tomorrow.

Back from break, we have Killer Kelly and Masha Slamovich fighting all over the kitchen of the arena.  They are really going at it.  This is pretty brutal stuff.  Slamovich puts Kelly to sleep, choking her with an electrical cord.

Match 5.  Jordynne Grace VS Alisha Edwards (with Eddie Edwards)

Grace is physically toying with Edwards right from the onset.  She spins her around a bit and hits a Grace Driver.  It is over.

Winner.  Jordynne Grace

Dirty Dango is shown outside dissing the current crew and their lack of toughness.  He knows he will get heat for this.  He mocks them saying they will tweet him about it, but not confront him face to face.  He says times have changed.  He explains why he attacked Santino Marella.  He then calls Joe Hendry a stooge.  This was an entertaining promo.  Good stuff.  I am interested where this more serious character is going.

Match 6.  John Skyler (w/ Brian Myers & Jason Hotch of The Good Hands) vs. Chris Bey (w/ Ace Austin of Buller Club)

Skyler gets scissored to the mat to start the match.  Bey then basements the leg.  Skyler tries to bail, but Bey levels him on the floor.  Hotch and Myers distract Bey and Skyler throws him into the post.  After a break, we have Skyler hovering over Bey with a rear chin lock.  Bey is one half of the tag champs with Ace Austin.  Bey hits a back elbow in the corner.  He then hits a back kick and DDT for a two count.  Bey misses an elbow drop.  Skyler then hits a spear for two.  Skyler eats a art of finesse after several reversals.  It is over.

Winner.  Chris Bey

World Champion, Steve Maclin heads out to the ring in street clothes with his belt.  He believes he has put down PCO for good.  He will declare tonight his new challenger.  He claims he has killed PCO.  However he is a fighting champion.  He then introduces his Champaign Singh as his next challenger.  Shera heads out with Singh.  These two have been Maclin’s lackeys for weeks.  Singh says he is there to finish his story at Under Siege.  The fans chant, *Shut the hell up.*  He starts thanking all the people who helped him.  He pulls a list as long as his height.  Scott D’Amore enters scratching his head.  Scott says this match is not happening.  Maclin says all wants to do is see him without the world title.  Scott says he is not stacking the deck against him.  Scott then says Singh is not championship material.  Maclin is not impressed with D’Amore.  Scott then says he will shake his hand if he wins his match tomorrow.  Maclin says no.  Maclin says he going to respect him.  He then tells Scott he is his boss.  He then says he is going to strap the title around his waist after he wins whomever he faces.  D’Amore just agrees with him sheepishly.  Maclin says he hasn’t named PCO’s replacement.  Scott says you are right, because you are facing PCO.. The lights go out then PCO is in the ring.  PCO rips the belt from Maclin, who bails.  PCO then takes out Shera and Singh.  Maclin retreats again after trying to get the belt.  PCO stops him and holds the belt high to end the show.


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