Hulk Hogan talks retirement match, Roman Reigns, AEW, and more on The MMA Hour

May 24, 2023 - by Colin Vassallo

Appearing on The MMA Hour with Ariel Helwani, WWE Hall of Famer Hulk Hogan talked a variety of subjects, including his preferred choice of a retirement match opponent.

“If he would get in the ring with me, that’s the reason I went back to wrestle The Rock, to get in the ring with Stone Cold Steve Austin,” Hogan said, noting that him as Hollywood Hogan vs good guy Steve Austin would have torn the place down.

“If I have one guy to be in the ring with, it would be him,” Hogan told Helwani.

Hogan also talked about Shane McMahon calling him from Madison Square Garden around three months before WrestleMania, asking him if he has one more match in him, addressing him as “old man.”

He said McMahon told him he just has to stay in the middle of the ring and he’ll do the rest but Hogan said that his back wasn’t doing so great and not moving the way he should be so he had to turn it down.

But, Hogan said that he’s rehabbing and training and he will see where he’s in in around six months and then talk about it again because he has not done a retirement match yet and in this business, you always learn to never say never.

Hogan also discussed Roman Reigns, saying that he doesn’t know where he would fit in the Mount Rushmore of wrestling, but if he was still in his prime, he would draw monster money with this Roman Reigns character.

Speaking of Mount Rushmore, Hogan said his picks would be Ric Flair, Andre The Giant, Macho Man, and himself.

And an AEW question couldn’t not be included, as Helwani asked if he thinks AEW could take on WWE one day. Hogan said this is like a NASCAR driver, where someone has to have “seat time” before being ready for prime time but he watches AEW and he likes what he sees and definitely thinks AEW could one day lock horns with WWE, but it will take time before that happens.

You can watch the interview below.

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