Goldberg suffers bloody head wound in tractor accident

May 23, 2023 - by staff

No, Goldberg didn’t get into a WWE hardcore match on Tuesday … but he certainly looked like he did — suffering a gnarly head wound while out on his farm in Texas.

A rep for the wrestling legend tells TMZ Sports … Goldberg was getting work done on his property, when he accidentally knocked his noggin on his tractor — opening up a big gash near his forehead.

In photos of the injury that the 56-year-old shared on his social media page … you can see the cut was so bad, it poured blood everywhere.

Fortunately, Goldberg told us it was nothing serious … explaining it was all “just a flesh wound.”

In fact, in true Goldberg fashion, he said he’s simply super gluing the thing shut!!!

Of course, bleeding profusely isn’t anything new for the WWE Hall of Famer … he’s found himself leaking in the squared circle more often than not over the years.

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  1. Luke says:

    Anyone else clicked this hoping he headbutted the thing?

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