Mercedes Mone suffers apparent broken ankle at NJPW Strong event

May 22, 2023 - by Colin Vassallo

Mercedes Mone has suffered what is believed to be a broken ankle at last night’s NJPW event in the final to crown the inaugural NJPW Strong Women’s champion.

Mone went through the semi final after she beat Stephanie Vaquer and then met Willow Nightingale in the final after she beat Mono Kohgo in the other semi final.

But the final match was cut short and most likely had a different ending after Mone injured herself in a spot where she was on the top rope, hammering down on Nightingale’s neck. She then jumped off to snap her opponent’s head across the rope and fell down badly on her ankle. Mone couldn’t put any pressure on her ankle after that.

The ending was botched as Nightingale hit a powerbomb on Mone and unable to continue, she did not kick out. But the referee, knowing there was a different ending, did not count to three and stopped the count at two, later signaling that Mone got a shoulder up, when in fact she didn’t.

A second powerbomb from Nightingale then got the point across and the referee counted to three, with Nightingale winning the NJPW Strong Women’s title.

Mone had to be carried to the back after the match.

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