Cena says he will be there when Charlotte Flair breaks title record

May 21, 2023 - by Colin Vassallo

16-time world champion John Cena revealed on MTV News in an interview that he told Ric Flair that if his daughter Charlotte breaks the record of 17 world titles, he will be there in attendance to shake her hand.

Cena put over Charlotte’s legacy and the work she puts in and said that both he and Ric will be there to see it happen live when the day comes that Charlotte breaks both their record.

“I got to see Ric recently and told him that if that happens, we will both be there because I think that’s tremendous,” Cena said. “I’m not shortchanging anybody else but just because I know and love Ric and I admire what Charlotte’s done, that’s my connection to that moment so that’s why I gotta say her.”

Both Flair and Cena sit on 16 world championships and Flair said in the past that he wouldn’t mind if Cena goes to 17 and surpasses him. But at this rate, it will be his daughter who surpasses both of them!

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  1. Kevin H says:

    The difference is both Cena and flair ( flair more then Cena ) were there all the time day in and day out crazy schedule most nwa champions couldn’t even handle rics schedule. And earned those belts based on that record , busting their tail each and every day . Charlotte only shows up now when they have the for her . She hasn’t worked 1/100th of what both of these guys had to do . I’m not saying she’s not good , because she is very much so. Just shouldn’t be 16 time champion.

  2. Kevin H says:

    Have the title for her*

  3. Kevin J says:

    @Kevin H, to your point

    John’s 16th reign came after he’d transitioned to a part-time performer.
    The industry and game have changed to where overall health is more protected than it used to be. The human body isn’t designed to fall down 300 nights a year for decades. The world around us has evolved, so should the wrestling industry.

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