Colt Cabana and Thunder Rosa notes

May 20, 2023 - by James Walsh

– In an interview with Stories with Brisco & Bradshaw (via Wrestling Inc), Colt Cabana gave an update on his status with AEW, noting that he’s signed as a wrestler and producer. While Cabana has made appearances for ROH, his last AEW match was with Chris Jericho back in November.

He said: “It’s unbelievable for me that that’s a reality right now at my age. I love it.”

Cabana also spoke about the evolution of wrestling, particularly when it comes to the athleticism. He added: “It’s so fun for me to picture 20-25 years, the athleticism of what a wrestler will be able to do and to make stuff like Rey and Ricochet and Will Ospreay look pathetic, they’ll just look like sad wrestlers. That’s what excites me is the progression of it. The wrestling style has changed, but I hope everyone realizes it will change, it will always change, it will evolve.“

Thunder Rosa is front and center on the poster for AEW Collision, and she talked about how she got emotional seeing it for the first time. Rosa is one of the headliners for the upcoming Saturday show alongside Miro, Samoa Joe, and Andrade El Idolo, and she talked about seeing it on Busted Open Radio on Friday.

On her reaction to the announcement: “I remember, I breathe and I look back at Tony, my producer right here, who’s right next to me, and I started crying because why? Because I’m on the main center of a poster of a major show that is happening June 17 on Saturday … I know it’s super early, but holy s**t, this is happening again.

On Julia Hart being set to appear on the show: “It’s beautiful to see that very, very young, like fresh out of high school wrestler, from being a cheerleader to being a black badass cold woman in the ring now. It’s beautiful seeing the growth of a lot of my peers.”

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  1. Gotch says:

    Too bad Rosa is dull on the microphone and dull in the ring. No way can she can carry the women on that show.

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