Eva Marie on Lawler slap: “It goes down in history as one of the worst slaps ever”

May 19, 2023 - by James Walsh

Eva Marie famously executed a very bad slap of Jerry Lawler on WWE Raw, and she recently recalled the incident in a new interview. Marie appeared on a Miz TV segment on Raw as part of the cast of Total Divas and during the segment she slapped Lawler but barely made contact.

Marie released a video where she reacted to old moments of hers in WWE and talked about the segment. You can see some highlights below, per Wrestling Inc:

On backstage reaction to the slap: “It goes down in history as one of the worst slaps ever, where when I got back into Gorilla everybody was laughing at me. He tried to sell it the best that he could.”

On when she found out she was going to be slapping Lawler: “I was just supposed to be in the Total Divas crew out on Miz TV. Then all of a sudden right before it’s like, ‘Eva Marie, these are going to be your lines and then you’re going to slap the King.’ I’m like, ‘huh? But, it’s Jerry Lawler and he’s an older gentleman and he’s you know, Jerry Lawler.’ So I didn’t want to hurt him by slapping him, nobody told me how to properly slap somebody.”

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