WWE shares take an unexpected tumble on Wall Street

May 18, 2023 - by Colin Vassallo

WWE shares took a tumble on Wall Street yesterday, dropping 7.29% on a day where most of the tickers were of the color green instead of red.

The 7.29% drop led to a deduction of $7.93 from its share price, with WWE ending the trading day at $100.91, the lowest it’s been in over a month.

It’s unknown what caused the sharp drop which started at around 10:40AM according to a graph published on MarketWatch. It actually bottomed out at $99.70 at 11:14AM before it started climbing back up slowly to $104. It starting falling back down at 2PM before closing at $100.91 at 4PM.

In after hours trading, the shares finished at $101.40, or up 0.49% over the day’s closing.

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