More notes on CM Punk, Ace Steel, AEW Collision

May 18, 2023 - by Staff

CM Punk is reportedly at odds with AEW officials once again.

As we’ve noted, AEW and Warner Bros. Discovery announced the new AEW Collision show on Wednesday but there was no mention of CM Punk in the final release, which was expected. WBD actually listed Punk as a Collision headliner in a press release, but his name was quickly removed. When asked about the edit, WBD stated, “CM Punk is not affiliated with TNT’s AEW Collision.” It was then reported by Fightful Select that there has been recent talk on Punk pushing for former AEW Producer Ace Steel to be brought back to the company to work Collision. Steel was let go following the All Out backstage fight from last September, and while there was no word at that point on if Steel would be re-hired, Punk was also pushing for Andrade El Idolo and AEW World Tag Team Champions FTR to be involved with Collision, and that is the plan. Fightful was adamant that Punk was still planned for Collision, and that as of this week, AEW had content plans with Punk. It was also said that Punk did not want to be announced for the Collision brand ahead of time, but there was no word on if that played a factor into the aforementioned edited press release.

In an update, a new report from PWInsider notes that the rumor going around AEW on why Punk was not announced for Collision is that Punk and AEW officials are currently at odds, now over the return of Steel.

It was noted how there’s a belief that Steel was expected to return in conjunction with Punk at the Collision premiere next month, working behind-the-scenes. However, word going around Dynamite on Wednesday was that a decision was made that Steel would not be working backstage at the actual Collision tapings. As you might imagine, that decision left Punk and AEW on opposite sides of the situation, which led to Punk being removed from all promotional material released for Collision on Wednesday.

Furthermore, an update from Fightful Select adds that during the recent meeting between Punk and Chris Jericho, held to smooth things over between the two ahead of Punk’s return, that Jericho mentioned the possibility of Steel returning to the company in some capacity, with the belief that people working together in harmony could alleviate some backstage tensions, and show that everyone is willing to do business together. AEW officials and Punk reportedly had a meeting this week, and it was extended to Punk that Steel would have the ability to be with the company and work directly with Punk. However, it was made clear that Steel would not be able to be present at AEW TV tapings. It wasn’t clear how Punk reacted to this ruling, outside of him not being in agreement with it.

It also wasn’t clear if this is tied to Punk not being featured on the WBD Collision materials or WBD’s statement on Punk not being associated with the new show, but there were plans for an AEW camera crew to film materials at Punk’s home on Wednesday, and there’s no word yet on if that actually happened. Fightful added that as of Wednesday evening, they had not learned of any change in plans for Punk. However, it was also noted by PWInsider that as of Wednesday afternoon, based on what sources are saying, it seems WBD’s statement on Punk not being affiliated with Collision is a correct statement, at least for now.

It was stated by PWInsider that one source believed AEW World Champion MJF replaced Punk in the promotional graphic for Collision, but they were unable to confirm this with multiple sources. This seems unlikely as MJF was featured on the poster, seen below, along with the other champions, who will be used on both Collision and Dynamite.

Impact Wrestling sources noted on Wednesday that they had interest in bringing Steel in for a tryout, but when the invitation was passed on several weeks ago, they were under the impression that Steel was headed to AEW or WWE.

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