Impact Report, 5/18/23

May 18, 2023 - by Scott Porter

Join us tonight for results from the latest episode from Impact Wrestling!  The matches emanate from Chicago!  Tom Hannifan and Mathew Rewholdt are once again on the call.

Tonight’s Announced Card!

  • Trinity VS Kilynn King
  • Moose & Eddie Edwards & Frankie Kazarian VS Alex Shelley & Jonathan Gresham & Yuya Uemura
  • Trey Miguel  VS Laredo Kid
  • Jason Hotch VS Ace Austin

The show begins with a recap of the last episode.  Steve Maclin retained the World Championship over Rhino.  Then he butchered him post match.  PCO attacked Maclin to further their story going into Under Siege.  The Coven retained the Knockouts Tag Belts over Jordynne Grace and Knockouts Champion, Deonna Purrazzo.  Grace will challenge Purrazzo at Under Siege.

Match 1.  Trey Miguel (X-Division Champion) VS Laredo Kid      Non Title Match

Kid and Trey counter scientific holds to start the match.  Neither gain a true advantage.  Kid eventually tracks Trey on the outside with a dive.  They both go down hard.  Trey counters back in the ring with kicks and a leg sweep.  Miguel is sending a message to Kid and the contenders as he turns up the violence with some knees to the face in the corner.  Trey turns the assault to the back.  He works it over for several minutes.  Kid counters with a slam and clothesline.  He hits a driver and snap moonsault.  He then gets a two count off another moonsault.  Kid and Trey trade elbows and dropkicks off the ropes.  Kid hits a Spanish fly.  The fans are behind Kid.  He has been on a roll, since returning from life saving surgery.  Kid locks on a leg/arm submission hold.  The announcers didn’t even have a name for that hold.  Trey somehow pulls the match off Kid.  Kid hides his face, but gets rolled up.

Winner by pinfall, Trey Miguel

Trey grabs the mic and yells at the fans for not respecting him.  He says this is his building and he sits down and says he is holding the broadcast hostage until he gets respect.  We go to break.  Chris Sabin walks out.  He enters the ring and grabs a mic.  He says he is getting from the fans what he deserves.  He tells Trey all the former champions in the division.  He painted the belt.  That killed his chance at respect.  Chris then says he will be a 9 time X-Division after they meet at Under Siege.  Miguel tucks tail and runs.

Jai Vidal approaches Trinity and says Gisele Shaw has a problem with her.  Trinity says she will face her at Under Siege.  Jai says he will ask Shaw if that is ok for her.

Rich Swann and Sami Callihan are shown backstage talking about their history of friendship and even as foes.  The Design will have to face this team.  They are unified once again.

Match 2.  Ace Austin (with Chris Bey) VS Jason Hotch (with Brian Myers and John Skyler)

One half of the Tag Champs, Ace Austin will have to face numbers at ringside.  Skyler and Myers talk down the Bey and Austin as they make their way to the ring.  Ace works the arm to start the match.  Moose is upset with Brian Myers for helping The Good Hands, but Myers is ringside regardless.  Ace is all over Hotch.  He uses scissor Jason and takes him down.  Hotch gets to the ropes.  Ace gets clotheslined.  The two end up in the corner after a commercial break.  They trade chops.  Ace lands a few running forearms, before going to the well too much.  He eats a elbow and blue thunder bomb.  Hotch gets a two count.  Ace fights to his feet with chops and punches.  He then hits a wicked knee.  He follows up with a Russian leg sweep.  Ace continues with on the offense.  Myers and Skyler get involved on the outside.  Bey helps even the exchange.  The interference leads Hotch to a two count.  Hotch puts Ace in the rack.  Ace gets free and rolls up Hotch, but Myers punches Ace and Hotch rolls up Ace for the pin.

Winner, Jason Hotch

World Champion, Steve Maclin is shown backstage asking Shera and Raj Singh to help him again.  They walk off.

Top Contender, Jordynne Grace says she wants Knockouts Champion, Deonna Purrazzo for their match at full strength.  She hopes she is ok.  Alisha Edwards calls her out saying she hurt Purrazzo in their tag match on purpose last week.

Match 3.  Trinity VS KyLynn King (with Taylor Wilde)

Knockouts World Tag Team Champions, The Coven will have their shot at Trinity in her debut.  Trinity hits several knees to start the match.  King retreats to her partner on the outside.  King re enters with a shoulder drive.  King misses a leg drop.  Trinity lands the split for a two count.  Wilde interferes on the outside.   King lands a massive pump kick. She starts with her version of yes kicks.  She locks on a rear headlock into a body scissors.  King then hits a clothesline after Trinity fought up to her feet.  Trinity fights back in the corner, but King puts her head in the turnbuckle.  Wilde works over Trinity, as King distracts the ref.  Trinity loses it and whips King to the corner.  The ref kicks Wilde out of the arena.  King is knocked off the top rope and Trinity hits a top rope crossbody.  Trinity hits a few clotheslines, kicks and back elbows to the delight of the crowd.  After a blockbuster, King kicks out at two.  King hits a back elbow and powerslam.  She gets a two count.  Trinity hits a rope assisted piledriver, for a count of two.  King lands a Death Valley driver for a two count.  Trinity reverses a pin with a star struck.  King taps.

Winner.  Trinity

The lights go out and Jai Vidal walks out.  He tells Trinity that Gisele Shaw has accepted the challenge for Under Siege.  Jai tries to hit Trinity.  She blocks it and locks on a arm lock that takes Vidal to his knee.  Vidal bails knowing Trinity is ready for Shaw.

Maclin, Raj and Shera find PCO backstage.   They all attack PCO and beat him down.  Shera chockslams PCO.  They all lay the boots in on him.  They place blocks on his back and Maclin breaks the blocks with a sledge hammer.  PCO is left moaning in agony.

Jessica is shown waiting for Rosemary to return from the Undead Realm.  The Coven mock Rosemary and Jessica saying Rosemary won’t find anything.  They tell Jessica, there is more pain to come.

Match 4.  Jody Threat VS Sierra

This is Threat’s third match since joining Impact.  She is on a roll.  Sierra seems to be just another victim.  Threat hits a senton off the top.  Sierra blocks a jaw breaker, but eats a double knee and clothesline.  After a German, Threat hits a 416 and it is over.

Winner by pinfall, Jody Threat

Frankie Kazarian is approached Eddie Edwards and Alisha.  Eddie says he needs to be in charge tonight.  Kaz seems to care less.

Dirty Dango tells Johnny Swinger and Zicky Dice they are to incompetent to attack Santino Marella.  Joe Hendry is then named as the new target of Detective Dango.  Hendry says Dango probably did it.  Dango attacks Hendry.  Dango looks guilty.

Main Event.   Moose & Eddie Edwards & Frankie Kazarian VS Alex Shelley & Jonathan Gresham & Yuya Uemura

Eddie forces a tag to Kaz after getting out wrestled by Shelley.  Moose tags himself in after Kaz ignored the tag.  Yuya  joins Moose.  Kaz tags in after a brief exchange.  Gresham tags in and he and Frankie trade scientific holds.  Several tags happen with no significant offense attained. The faces eventually take control and we go to break.  I’m not sure why Kaz is on this team.  Moose is taken out by Shelley.  He takes out Eddie too.  Moose grabs Shelley from the floor and pulls him to the outside and drops him back first, on the apron.  Shelley suddenly needs to make a tag.  Kaz tags in and goes on the offense.  Moose tags himself in and Kaz doesn’t like it.  Moose attacks Gresham on the apron.  Kaz says he never tagged out.  The ref is confused.  Moose and Eddie tag in and out.  Moose chokes Shelley with his boot.  Eddie lays in some chops on Alex.  Eddie then locks on a sleeper.  Eddie hits a Boston knee party next.  Kaz hits a unprettier in the corner after tagging in.  Eddie tags in and Yuya as well.  Yuya comes in fast and lays it in on Eddie.  Moose enters and Moose goes down.  Eddie gets suplexed.  Yuya is on fire.  Eddie recovers and hits a blue thunder bomb.  Moose tags back in.  Yuya gets back breaker’d and then powerbombed by Moose.  Yuya makes a tag to Gresham.  He kicks Moose to the floor  He then twists Moose’s knee.  Kaz enters and leg drops Gresham.  Shelley enters and they go at it.  Kaz hits a sping board leg drop.  Shelley blocks a chicken wing.  Kaz hits a sling shot DDT for a two.  Eddie grabs Kaz who had the chicken wing.  Eddie gets DDT’d.  Eddie hits a backpack stunner, Yuya makes the save.  A spotfest  is next.  Everyone hits highspots.  Eddie collides with Kaz.  They start arguing.  Kaz clotheslines Eddie.  He leaves  Shelley hits a shell shock on Eddie and it is over.

Winners by pinfall…   Shelley, Gresham and Yuya

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