How to Quit Bad Habits as a Wrestler

May 18, 2023 - by staff

Wrestling is a high-octane sport, one that demands competitors be at peak physical fitness and able to defy the laws of physics in the name of putting on a good show. From the wrestling rings of the Olympics to the world of sports entertainment and the WWE, wrestlers work for hours a day to make sure when they’re facing an opponent, they’re ready to put their body on the line, and entertain the fans.

However, that means sacrifices. They’ll lose much of their personal life due to intense training and travel schedules, and many will have to completely change their lifestyle. The new generation of wrestlers coming through may find they have to adjust their habits to suit their career, making changes that can be tough at first.

What changes are we talking about? These are some habits wrestlers have to change to make it in their careers.


One poor habit that wrestlers must seek to give up is smoking of all kinds. There are several reasons – there’s a stigma around smoking, and as role models, big stars cannot be seen to be smoking. As seen in a recent WWE star’s anti-smoking drive, it is a habit heavily frowned upon. However, there are health implications as well. Smoking causes many non-transferable diseases, and it reduces lung capacity, making it harder to hit those high levels of performance. It can also make you more susceptible to injuries, and prolong recovery.

The push to reduce smoking numbers in the US has resulted in many products popping up which help the process. Some of these are called nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) and are suited to a wrestler’s training regime and social calendar. There are pouches that fit under the lip, such as the Velo nicotine pouches that feature on Prilla, which are discreet, easy to use, and effective. Velo pouches come in different flavors, with dragon fruit, wintergreen, and black cherry among the most popular. They ensure the cessation process is as pleasurable as possible and thus sustainable. There’s also Nicorette gum, a chewable NRT that also comes in different flavors and strengths. As wrestlers are often seen chewing gum, this is another discreet way of giving up the habit of smoking.

Eating Poorly

It isn’t hard to discover what the perfect diet for Wrestlemania is, or how the top professionals look after themselves, but it might be tougher to make the change in the first instance. Eating is a habit, and whilst in terms of when you eat, the habit is good, what you eat might not be. Or course, we’ve all seen wrestlers who weigh in excess of 300 pounds and whose size is what took them to the top, but that’s not the way to get into the sport these days. You have to be in top condition, and that means cutting out junk food, sugar treats, and other products that can lead to, or have already resulted in excessive weight gain.

Luckily, by simply adjusting your eating habits and training right, there shouldn’t be the need for actual treatment, as with smoking. Eating poorly is a habit that nothing can truly combat, although you can do little things, like switch to low-fat products, swap sugary drinks for the low-fat version, and the like. If in doubt, seek the numerous articles by current wrestlers on their diets, ensuring the finest balance between the body’s desire for fuel, and your physical condition.


If you’re serious about becoming a professional wrestler, then drinking is one habit it is advisable to stop. The Sportster explains some of the biggest names in the business have suffered from their alcohol addictions, and whilst it is possible to make it and enjoy a sociable drink, it is advisable to cut down before you start.

Like smoking, drinking too much alcohol can lead to non-transferable diseases, such as liver failure. On a day-to-day basis, it is known to affect aerobic performance, meaning it could be detrimental to your training by slowing the citric acid cycle and increasing levels of lactate. It can also lead to increased dehydration, which may impair recovery, not something you want to endure when stepping out of the ring a little battered. If you need help to stop drinking, there are medications you can take, such as Declinol, and treatments often suggested, such as hypnosis. Unlike smoking, there are no actual alcohol replacement therapies, but if you like the taste and not the alcohol, switching to a zero-alcohol product should suffice.

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