WWE NXT Report – 5/16

May 16, 2023 - by Staff

– Tonight’s WWE NXT opens up on the USA Network, live from the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, Florida as Vic Joseph welcomes us. He’s joined at ringside by WWE Hall of Famer Booker T.

NXT Women’s Title Tournament: Fallon Henley vs. Cora Jade

We go right to the ring for tonight’s opener and out comes Cora Jade for the NXT Women’s Title Tournament quarterfinals. We get a pre-recorded promo with Jade talking about how she’s the best of the best, with a warning for her opponent. We see the tournament brackets. Out next comes Fallon Henley as Alicia Taylor does the introductions. Fallon calls herself the top shelf of NXT in her pre-recorded promo. The winner will face Lyra Valkyria in the semifinals.

The bell rings and they lock up, going from corner to corner. Henley unloads and mounts offense to a pop. Henley slides in with a big right hand. Jade stalls some to boos but Henley decks her and hits a suplex for a 2 count.

Jade side-steps in the corner and hits high knee strikes. Jade focuses on the hurt leg now, covering for 2. Jade runs and dropkicks Henley while she’s stuck in the ropes. Fallon kicks out at 2.

We see the women’s locker room watching backstage as Jade focuses on the hurt knee. Fallon fights back with big strikes and a takedown. Fallon with more offense as we see the vacant NXT Women’s Title belt on display at ringside. More back and forth between the two. Jade with a DDT for 2.

Fallon fights back and hits a Shining Wizard but Jade rolls out to avoid the pin. Fallon’s leg is hurting and she stalls at ringside in looking at the title. Jade chops Fallon down as she comes back in. Jade with the double underhook DDT for the pin to win and advance.

Winner: Cora Jade

– After the match, Jade stands tall as the music hits. We go to replays. Lyra and Jade face off at the title now.

– We go backstage to Kiana James and Thea Hail having words as the other female Superstars look on. Hail wants to show James she belonged in the tournament. James says it sounds like a night off, and asks if she needs a permission slip. Hail asks Duke Hudson if she can have the match and he doesn’t care.

– Tyler Bate and NXT North American Champion Wes Lee are backstage in a hazy meditation session. Lee is all for this but it’s time to… The Dyad suddenly attacks and destroys Bate and Lee. Joe Gacy kneels down and grabs Lee, and says this charade of a friendship is based on lies so eventually it will burn out. Lee reaches for Gacy but Gacy slams his head back into a locker. We go to commercial.

– Back from a break and we see NXT Champion Carmelo Hayes and Trick Williams arriving to the venue. They march right in, stopping to look back at Drew Gulak and Charlie Dempsey, who are talking to a referee.

The music hits and out comes Trick and Hayes. We briefly see what happened last week with Bron Breakker. Hayes says his boy defended his honor last week, and Bron then sent a message, so message received. Hayes knows this is a different Breakker, but he’s also different. Hayes says at Battleground we will be in his backyard and they don’t bark, they bite.

Trick and Hayes call Breakker to the ring but the music hits and out comes Gulak and Dempsey instead. Gulak says their childish sit-in has gone on for too long. Gulak says they can’t disrespect them, no matter how angry they are at Bron. Dempsey says they stormed right past he and Gulak when they entered the building, right as they were finding out about their nixed tag team match for tonight. The two teams have words now. Trick suggests a match for tonight. Gulak and Dempsey hesitate, but then attack with cheap shots. The teams brawl now but Trick and Hayes get the upperhand, clearing the ring. They face off as Vic wonders if the match will be made official.

– We go to a Dijak vignette. He’s sitting at his table, saying last week Ilja Dragunov found out that he is the judge, jury and executioner of NXT. Ilja walks up to interrupt, saying Dijak is obsessed with the idea of breaking him, but he’s invincible and unbreakable. Dijak says Ilja seems to enjoy pain, and he enjoys inflicting it. Ilja says pain is inevitable, suffering is optional. Dijak says there’s not a man alive he can’t break. Ilja invites him to try. They face off to end the vignette.

The Dyad vs. The Creed Brothers

We go back to the ring and out comes The Diamond Mine – Brutus Creed and Julius Creed of The Creed Brothers with Ivy Nile. Back to commercial.

Back from the break and we see a mystery woman attacking Dani Palmer from behind at a weekend NXT live event. We go back to the ring and out comes The Schism – The Dyad’s Rip Fowler and Jagger Reid with Ava. The bell rings and Fowler goes at it with Julius, trading holds. They come to a stalemate but Julius gets the upperhand. We get a big dropkick and they run the ropes.

Brutus tags in and flattens Fowler. Fowler turns it around and in comes Reid with the double team. Reid grounds Brutus now as fans rally. Brutus fights up and out, dropping Reid with a big right. Brutus with a long vertical suplex now. Julius tags in and takes over, finally bringing Reid to the mat in the vertical suplex.

Reid with a back elbow to fight Julius off. Fowler comes back in and goes for a suplex but Julius hits a long vertical suplex of his own. Brutus tags in and takes over his brother’s suplex, but can’t get Fowler all the way back up. Julius comes back in and finishes the suplex but Fowler kicks out at 2.

Fowler cuts Julius off and in comes Reid for the double team. Reid dropkicks Brutus off the apron, then they hit the enziguri Flatliner combo on Julius. Reid takes Julius down into the Koji Clutch. Julius fades in the hold while Fowler gets a few kicks in. Julius finally powers Reid up into a powerbomb, then falls onto him for a close 2 count. Back to commercial.

Back from the break and Reid has Julius grounded in a headlock as the others rally. Reid breaks to work Julius over some more, then puts the headlock back on. Julius walks with Reid on his back but Reid stops him. Julius with a slingshot suplex. Fowler tags in to stop Julius from tagging, bu\t he leaps and in comes Brutus off the top.

Brutus smashes Reid to the floor, then lands on his feet as Fowler tries for a German suplex. Brutus with the big smash forearms to Fowler as fans cheer, and again. Brutus goes on and hits a big Musclebuster to Fowler for a close 2 count in the middle of the ring.

Brutus is distracted by Reid, allowing Fowler to hit a jawbreaker. Brutus fights off the double team and pins both opponents at once with a Northern Lights suplex, but they kick out. Reid charges but Brutus knocks him out of the air. Brutus and Fowler trade big lefts and rights in the middle of the ring now. They both go down to a “NXT!” chant now. Julius and Reid both go up in opposite corners, then both hit 450 Splashes on their opponents for a huge pop.

Reid and Julius unload on each other now, despite not being legal. Julius with a big clothesline but Reid blocks the powerbomb with a DDT to a “this is awesome!” chant. They go on and now Ava tries to slam Ivy at ringside but Ivy counters and grabs her for the Dragon Sleeper to a pop. Brutus ends up hitting a cannonball off the apron to Fowler. Julius hits the rolling DVD and the sliding lariat for the pin on Reid to win.

Winners: The Creed Brothers

– After the match, The Diamond Mine stands tall as the music hits. We go to replays. The Schism looks on from the entrance-way as The Diamond Mine celebrates.

– We see footage of Tony D’Angelo and Channing “Stacks” Lorenzo at dinner the night before. Tony talks about their title shot from NXT Tag Team Champions Gallus. Stacks gets up to take a phone call when two cops, out of uniform, approached Tony to talk. He told them he’s already paid them off but they insist he comes in for some questioning about criminal acts he may have been involved in. Tony gets up and says this better be legit because he’s missing his meal. Stacks comes back and the waitress informs him the police escorted Tony away. Stacks is surprised at this. He makes a phone call and walks off. We go back to ringside as The Creed Brothers interrupt the announcers and challenge Gallus for Battleground since it looks like they no longer have opponents. Julius Creed tells Gallus they’re calling so pick up the phone.

– We see Noam Dar walking backstage with his Heritage Cup. Back to commercial.

– Back from the break and NXT UK Heritage Cup Champion Noam Dar is in the ring for the main brand debut of his Supernova Sessions talk show. Dar gives an introduction to the show and why it’s the best in all of WWE. He insults his guest some, then introduces Dragon Lee to a pop.

Dar pulls out a “Spanish Made Easy” book to boos but Lee says he speaks English better than Dar. Dar begins insulting Lee, saying his life is unremarkable. Lee is glad to be here among everyone, but Dar as he does not show respect. Lee talks about coming from a respectful family. Dar doesn’t want to talk about Lee’s family. Dar goes on about Lee being an international champion, and almost insults Mexico but Lee tells him to be careful. Lee goes on about how he feels about his country. Dar says the passion Lee has for his country is the passion he has for his Cup. Dar asks Lee how it feels knowing this is as close as he will ever get to the Cup? Lee asks if Dar wants to defend the Cup. They argue and Dar goes over what it takes to compete in a Heritage Cup match, saying Lee can’t cut it.

Nathan Frazer interrupts and is here to expose Dar. He says the Cup has to be defended like every other title in WWE. Frazer defends Lee and says we’d love to see him challenge Dar for the Cup in this country. They propose a match for NXT Battleground. Frazer says if Dar loses the Cup at Battleground, he can always call Alicia Fox to see if she will take him back. Dar goes on and agrees to the match against Lee at Battleground, saying we will see why he’s the best at this and for Frazer interrupting tonight, he will get his ass kicked next week but in a non-title match because that’s all he and these people deserve. Dar says thank you, bye-bye, play that funky music, check please! Fans boo.

– We get another vignette with Dijak and Ilja Dragunov. Dijak has been beating on Ilja. He asks if that’s enough but Ilja says not even close.

– Back from a commercial and McKenzie Mitchell is in the back with Jacy Jayne, asking about her match with a former champion tonight. Jayne says she’s not confident at all and wonders why this match is happening. She then laughs and says she needs better questions when she becomes champion. She says Perez’s time has come and gone, and tonight when she beats Perez, she will go to the finals where she wanted to face Gigi Dolin in the first place. Jayne goes on insulting Dolin and calls her a loser, while she’s a winner. Jayne will picture Dolin’s face while she kicks Perez’s face in tonight, then goes on to become the new champion.

NXT Champion Carmelo Hayes and Trick Williams vs. Drew Gulak

We go back to the ring and out comes NXT Champion Carmelo Hayes and Trick Williams. Drew Gulak and Charlie Dempsey are also out. Trick and Dempsey go at it now with big shots.

Hayes and Gulak tag in to “Melo!” chants. Hayes’ ribs are taped up and Gulak focuses on this area. Hayes turns it around and takes Gulak down by his arm. Gulak blocks a spin kick and they run the ropes. Gulak rolls Hayes up for 2. Gulak controls Hayes by his arm now. Dempsey tags in for the double team shots to the face. Dempsey covers for 2. Hayes and Dempsey tangle now, trading counters and holds.

Dempsey kicks out at 2, then tries for a Boston Crab but can’t hit it. Trick tags in for the double team. Trick with a big flying clothesline for 2. Gulak drops Trick with a shot to the throat while the referee is distracted with Dempsey. Gulak tags back in to take over.

The referee orders Dempsey out and breaks up Gulak’s submission on Trick. Trick kicks out at 2. Dempsey tags back in for the double team, then hits two German suplexes. Trick kicks out at 2. Hayes rallies fans as Dempsey grounds Trick now. Trick kicks Dempsey away. Gulak and Hayes tag in, then go at it. Hayes gets the upperhand, then rocks Dempsey as he tags in.

Hayes with a big slam for 2 as Gulak breaks it up. Trick tags in with a big flying clothesline to Gulak for a pop. Trick and Dempsey go at it now. Trick with a big kick to stun Dempsey. Hayes tags in and goes to the top, then hits the Nothing But Net leg drop for the pin to win.

Winners: Carmelo Hayes and Trick Williams

– After the match, Trick and Hayes stand tall as the music hits. We go to replays. Trick and Hayes take the mic to address Bron Breakker as he appears on the big screen. Bron taunts Hayes, asking how his ribs feel. Bron says Hayes will have to wait because he made a pit stop on the way to the arena. We see that Bron is in Hayes’ barbershop now, and everyone is looking afraid. Bron says he came to get a fresh cut before he shows up and finishes what he started last week.

– Thea Hail is backstage with Duke Hudson. She tries to get him fired up for her match but he forgets he gave her the OK. Duke gets on thee same page with Hail now and they head out. Back to commercial.

– Back from the break and Noam Dar walks up on Lash Legend and Jakara Jackson backstage. He asks how he was out there. Dar implies he goes way back with Legend but she says not so fast. They talk about all the WWE talk shows and Lash says the only one people should be discussing is the O.G. – Lashin’ Out with Lash Legend. Lash and Jakara walk off.

Kiana James vs. Thea Hail

We go back to the ring and Thea Hail is wrapping up her entrance with Duke Hudson as the Chase University student section looks on. Kiana James is out next.

Hail is fired up but James takes control early on. Hail takes her down and stomps on her back with a flurry of boots. We see an overwhelmed Duke at ringside as Vic talks about how he’s taken on so much with Andre Chase gone.

Hail unloads on James and celebrates some but James rocks her. Hail sends James to the floor and nails a big dive. Hail finally gets Duke up and active now as fans chant for Chase U. Hail tries to capitalize but James decks her and keeps control. James with a close 2 count. James drives knees into Hail now, beating her around the ring.

James with thrusts in the corner for a 2 count. Hail turns it back around but James rocks her once again. James works Hail around while Duke is grading papers at ringside. Hail stuns James and mounts offense with strikes and a suplex out of the corner. Hail goes on but gets dumped to the apron.

Hail with a top rope crossbody for a close 2 count. Hail is a bit frustrated now. James blocks a suplex with a Gordbuster. Hail keeps fighting but James drops her, then hits the 401k in the middle of the ring for the pin to win.

Winner: Kiana James

– After the match, James stands tall to boos as the music hits. Duke is still distracted.

– Hank Walker and Tank Ledger are in the back checking out Tank’s new tooth. Josh Briggs and Brooks Jensen walk up, saying how impressed they were with last week’s match and how they’re not afraid to throw hands. Briggs comments on the tooth punch and says he hasn’t hit anyone that hard since Jensen, and beating on each other was good for their relationship. Briggs and Jensen tell Hank and Tank to join them for drinks later tonight. They walk off. Tank tells Hank they should do that… if they want to be a great tag team, and they do, they need to be close like Briggs and Jensen, like mashed potatoes and gravy, like peanut butter and jelly. Tank says they need to get in the ring together and fight it out next week. Walker agrees and they shake on it… Hank vs. Tank.

– McKenzie Mitchell is in the trainer’s room with Tyler Bate and Wes Lee. Bate is being checked out by a medic. McKenzie asks why The Schism attacked Lee. He makes sure Bate is OK, then warns The Schism as he heads out to discuss this in front of the NXT Universe. Lee is fired up as we go back to commercial.

– We get a new vignette from Dabba-Kato. He came to NXT with one mission, and he emphatically ended Apollo Crews. He watched the NXT locker room hoping he would be drafted to RAW or SmackDown, but all their deepest, darkest fears still exist because he’s not going anywhere, he has so much more to accomplish, more to destroy, havoc to create, championship gold to capture. Kato says he’s on the hunt and every NXT Superstar is his prey. We cut backstage to Dante Chen, Axiom, Eddy Thorpe, Edris Enofe and Malik Blade. Enofe says Kato is pissed. He says at least he and Blade are tag team wrestlers. Others agree that Kato is dangerous. Thorpe just shakes his head after Chen walks off. Axiom says Kato is the biggest mountain in NXT but the looks forward to climbing big mountains.

– We go back to the ring and NXT North American Champion Wes Lee is fired up. He rips The Schism and says if Joe Gacy wanted a shot, all he had to do was ask. We see Tyler Bate watching from the trainer’s room. Ava and Joe Gacy suddenly appear on the platform above the crowd. Gacy is openly saying it now – he wants the title.

Ava says Lee is close to becoming the greatest NXT North American Champion in history, but what will that make Gacy when he takes the title at Battleground? Gacy wonders how Bate will react to his title shot, Lee tells him to stop trying to divide them, it won’t work. Ava says it’s already happening, Tyler is deceiving you. Bate gets up from the trainer’s room and heads to the ring. Bate comes out and says he’s had it with the high school name calling rubbish. Bate says maybe Gacy is still bitter over the Stand & Deliver loss, either way you have a receipt coming for you and if it’s at Battleground, then so be it. Lee says Gacy looks to be busy with two in one night at Battleground. Bate tells Lee they are friends but he’d be lying if he said he didn’t want a title shot. Gacy says the truth will finally set you free. Lee yells at him to shut up.

Lee asks Bate why didn’t he say something, and Bate understands. Bate says we can still do this in the spirit of competition, and he would not let their friendship get in the way. Ava calls Bate a liar and Gacy warns Lee that Bate will stab him in the back. Lee thinks it over and agrees to a Triple Threat at Battleground.

– We get a vignette on Roxanne Perez for tonight’s main event. She looks back on her last year and wonders where the time went, it went so fast. She wonders what the next year will look like and says the unknown is so exciting but also nerve-wracking. Perez says she knows where she wants to go, it’s just about how she gets there. Back to commercial.

– Back from the break and Von Wagner is backstage the same brunette from last week. She says she watched RAW and he did a great job. Von appreciates it. She apologizes for last week and says Luca Crusifino is a horrible person. Von looks over to see Luca bullying Mr. Stone, threatening him again. Von grabs Luca and says if he wants to keep playing games, they can get in the ring and settle it, any time. Von tosses Luca away. Stone thanks Von for sticking up for him. Von says he wasn’t. Stone says yeah you were. Von says maybe he did. Von admits he stood up for Stone because Stone believes in him. Stone says he knows there’s a Superstar inside of Von. Stone asks if Von is ready to talk about this… Stone pulls out the same photo of a young Von with stitches on his head. Von says nice try, then he walks off.

NXT Women’s Title Tournament: Fallon Henley vs. Cora Jade

We go back to the ring for tonight’s main event as Jacy Jayne comes out first for the final quarterfinals match in the NXT Women’s Title Tournament. Roxanne Perez is out next.

The bell rings and they go at it. Perez with a quick pin attempt. They talk some trash and Jayne attacks but they trade more holds and counters. Jayne rocks Perez but gets rolled up for 2. More back and forth now.

Jayne ends up knocking Perez off the apron, to the floor. Perez hits her head on the edge of the announce table and she’s down as we go to commercial.

Back from the break and Jayne shows off while fans boo. She smashes Perez in the corner as the referee backs her off. Jayne takes a bad landing and now Perez mounts offense as fans rally. They fight to their feet but now Perez unloads with punches, then windmills.

Jayne knocks her back but Perez dropkicks her to the floor. Perez runs the ring for a suicide dive as fans pop. Perez brings it back in and goes to the top for the crossbody. Perez with a high knee and a side Russian leg sweep for a close 2 count. Perez stalks Jayne now as fans cheer her name. Jayne blocks her and they trade counters. Jayne with a big superkick and a discus forearm for a close 2 count.

Jayne is frustrated now, arguing with the referee. Jayne pounds on Perez in frustration now. More back and forth now. Perez nails a thrust kick, then Pop Rocks for the pin to win and advance.

Winner: Roxanne Perez

– After the match, Perez stands tall as the music hits. We go to replays. Perez vs. Tiffany Stratton and Cora Jade vs. Lyra Valkyria in the semifinals are set for next week. Perez and Stratton face off at the title on display now. Gigi Dolin suddenly rushes the ring to attack Jayne. They brawl to the floor as officials try to keep them apart.

– The music quickly hits and out comes NXT Champion Carmelo Hayes and Trick Williams. Hayes calls out Bron Breakker as we go to commercial.

Back from the break and we get a new vignette with Dijak and Ilja Dragunov. It looks like Dijak has been punishing Ilja with a baton now, and his hands are tied up. Dijak says he told Ilja that he’d break any man. Ilja laughs and says he’s still standing. Dijak looks back at Ilja and laughs. We go back to the ring and Hayes and Trick wait as the dogs start barking, and the music hit as Breakker makes his way out to mostly boos.

Bron comes out surrounded by security. Hayes and Trick taunt him but he says they need the protection from him and if it weren’t for security, there would be no Melo Homecoming or main event at Battleground. Trick says Bron is the only one who needs protecting. Bron taunts Trick over their match last week. Hayes speaks up and points to Bron needing a wall between them. Hayes says don’t blame me or these people, blame yourself because you thought you were untouchable until you got touched and at Battleground, you’re not taking this title. Hayes points to the NXT Title belt, which is laying on the mat.

Bron, still speaking from the entrance-way, says they fight for two different reasons. Hayes wants to go to Battleground and retain, and that’s fine, but Bron isn’t interested by the title any longer, it’s only about destroying Hayes in front of his home city, his fans and his family, so they all leave crying about how their hero couldn’t get the job done.

Hayes says Bron speaks with so much conviction and life, which is also what got him a year long title reign. He says the reason they’re in the main event is because no one else is cut like them. Hayes says here you are thinking you’ll ruin my Homecoming, and that’s cool, but the reality is that beating you is going to help me create this dynasty I’m about to build over your body. Hayes says that’s all it is, and the fans finish it… all it’s gonna be.

Bron rips some of the Boston sports dynasties for falling apart, which actually gets a pop from Florida sports fans. He names the Patriots, the Celtics, the Red Sox, the Bruins, and any other trash Boston teams. Bron says he will put an end to Hayes’ dynasty before it eve begins, and after Battleground you’ll realize you’re not him, you’re nothing, and there’s not a damn thing you can do about it. Trick invites Bron into the ring. Hayes and Trick end up going out but security stops them. They brawl with security.

Bron and Hayes brawl into the ring now. Bron rocks Hayes with a big right hand. Security enters the ring to break it up but Hayes knocks one guy to the floor with a clothesline. Hayes turns right back around to a stiff lariat by Bron. Bron presses Hayes for a powerslam but Hayes slides out, then drops Bron with a low blow kick. Hayes also falls down, then picks up the NXT Title belt and hits Bron in the head with it. Hayes goes back down somehow. NXT goes off the air with Hayes and Breakker down on the mat, the NXT Title laying between them.

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