Leva Bates reportedly surprised by her AEW exit

May 14, 2023 - by James Walsh

As previously reported, Leva Bates announced that her contract with AEW expired earlier this month after four years with the company. Fightful Select has more details on Bates’ exit from AEW and reports that she was surprised by her departure.

Those close to the former Librarian said AEW did not talk to her about renewing the deal. Some found out when an email went out stating that they weren’t renewing the deal. Bates found out when friends reached out to check on her. Several in AEW pushed for Bates to stick around when they heard the news, but it’s unknown if there are plans for that to happen.

Bates was originally a wrestler for AEW but eventually took on several backstage roles. In 2022, she started wrestling more and most recently had a match in February. She was “heavily influential” in AEW Heels and helped put the events together. Bates’ statement on social media was praised by many in the company, especially as the situation leading to her exit was “less than ideal”.

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