Tito Santana says Strike Force tag team was almost dubbed the Border Patrol

May 13, 2023 - by James Walsh

In a recent appearance with Wrestling Then and Now, Tito Santana shared some stories from his wrestling history and career (per Wrestling Inc). Santana provided some background information regarding the creation of his tag team with Rick Martel and how he got Vince McMahon to change the initial choice of name for the duo. You can find the details and watch the complete interview below.

On what McMahon had initially planned to name the team: “Vince talked to me and he said ‘We’d like to team you up with Rick Martel, and we want to call you the Border Patrol.’ At the time, there was a lot of bad stuff happening to Hispanics trying to cross the border in Texas. Some of them died in the train boxes. And I told Vince, I said ‘If you call us Border Patrol, you might turn us heel, because of what’s going on at the borders.’ He agreed, and he changed us from Border Patrol to Strike Force, which I think turned out to be a better choice.”

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