Becky Lynch on celebrities in WWE, Mia Yim on a possible WWE PLE is South Korea

May 12, 2023 - by James Walsh

– Speaking on WWE’s The Bump, Mia Yim was asked about her wish to see WWE hold a Premium Live Event in South Korea.

“Listen, like I said before, there’s so much wrestling in Japan and Mexico, Puerto Rico was a big thing. I’ve never heard of a big promotion going to Korea, and I know that wrestling is starting to really grow over there. Wrestling is growing in China, in Korea, and I’ve gotten DMs from several Korean wrestlers over in Korea, just thanking me for putting Korea on the map, in a sense. If we had a show in Korea, I would fly my mom out. I have family over there, so I would fly my mom out and bring all my family. Even if it was just a small show, it would mean so much to me because you don’t hear much about wrestling in Korea. Any amount of recognition is enough for me, and it would mean something so special to me because when I first started wrestling, that was something I’ve always wanted to do and something on my bucket list that I have yet to check off,” Yim said.

– During a recent chat with Mark Andrews for My Love Letter to Wrestling, Mark Andrews asked Becky Lynch what celebrities she’d like to see come into WWE next after Bad Bunny’s recent appearances. However, Lynch shot down the question and said she wants to “see wrestlers come in and wrestle” in WWE. Below are some highlights (via

Lynch on who she wants to come into WWE: “I want to see the people that love this, that work for this, that are they’re working year round, making the towns, wrestling four days a week and not being home to see their family, not being able to take vacations because this is a 52 week-a-year gig, and I want them to get more and I want them to wrestle on WrestleMania, that’s what I want. I don’t care about the celebrities.”

Lynch on celebrities who can’t do what they do: “You don’t sacrifice like we do for this business. You just come in for the spotlight. And good for you and thank you for bringing in some eyes, but that’s not what this business is built on. That’s not what this business is built on.”

Lynch also noted that she’d welcome celebrity guests making appearances similar to Cyndi Lauper in managerial, non-wrestling roles. Notably, Lynch also portrayed Lauper on the Young Rock sitcom. Lynch is currently feuding with WWE Hall of Famer Trish Stratus, who she teamed with last month at WrestleMania 39: Night 1.

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