Taylor Wilde thinks there should be more women involved in the creative department

May 11, 2023 - by James Walsh

In an interview with WrestlingNewsCo (via Fightful), Taylor Wilde said that she wants more women to be a part of creative teams in wrestling. She also talked about wanting women’s tag team wrestling to have a better reputation. Here are highlights:

On women’s tag team wrestling:

“I feel like tag team women’s wrestling is something that has never been able to completely bite, it always turns into this gimmicky, joking thing and it’s not for lack of talent, but the women don’t get to write the show, which I think is half of the problem, there needs to be way more female professional wrestlers who are also on the creative side.”

On more women involved in the creative side:

“Now, IMPACT has Gail [Kim], but Gail’s an agent, she’s not a writer or creative producer. I think times were changing when Sarah Stock, my former tag team partner, was at WWE. But I know it was stressful. I mean this in the nicest way, but one female is not gonna change the game, we need power in numbers. That’s kind of the reasons, long-term, that I wanted to get back into wrestling. I don’t have a ton of gas left in my tank, I’m 36, I started this when I was 18. But I do have incredible love and passion for this sport and I’m so proud of these women that are coming up right now. I’d like to, in some capacity, be able to perpetuate their careers in [some way]. Not that male writers can’t write an incredible female program, but let’s be real here, we see things differently, we feel things differently. Who knows our sport better than us?”

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