Julia Hart says she’s loving her time with House of Black

May 11, 2023 - by James Walsh

– During a recent interview with Simon Miller for WhatCulture Wrestling, AEW talent Julia Hart discussed being part of the House of Black and more. Below are some highlights (via Fightful):

Hart on if she ever saw herself becoming part of the scary side of wrestling:

“Not when I joined AEW, no. Maybe I was a kid, I definitely envisioned that. I knew I didn’t want to be known as a little girl forever. But definitely more of the growth and the more mature role that I have now, it’s just more creative freedom now. If you had told me a year ago this is what I’d be doing, I’d be like, ‘You’re crazy.’ But now I’m loving it.”

On the tone she is going for with her character:

“I think I want to set a tone of something people can understand and more relatable, and just a cool, funky, spooky thing.”

On the input she gets from the House of Black:

“They all can give me different input, and they all are so hands-on with me, and they’re so protective over me. We’re like a family. They’re great. I love working with them.”

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