Impact Report, 5/11/23

May 11, 2023 - by Scott Porter

Join us for detailed results from the latest episode from Impact Wrestling.   Tom Hannifan and Mathew Rewholdt are on the call.  The show is in Chicago.

Tonight’s announced card!

-Steve Maclin vs. Rhino for the Impact World Championship.

-Taylor Wilde and KiLynn King vs. Deonna Purrazzo and Jordynne Grace for the Knockouts Tag Team Titles.

-Nick Aldis vs. Sheldon Jean.

– Black Taurus and Crazzy Steve (Decay) VS The Good Hands, John Skyler and Jason Hotch

-Masha Slamovich vs. Killer Kelly.

-Frankie Kazarian sit-down interview part three.

We start with the traditional recap of last weeks show.  The arrival of Trinity (Fatu) is highlighted.  Rhino is also featured as a multi promotion former World Champion.  He will face Steve Maclin, the current Impact World Champion.

Match 1.  Masha Slamovich VS Killer Kelly

These are two of the hardest hitting females in the Knockouts division.  They attack each other right away.  There is no feeling out period.  They go back and forth.  Kelly finally dumps Masha to the floor with a pump kick.  Back in the ring, she lays in stiff, repeated forearms.  After a few short arm clotheslines, she lands a stalled fishermen’s suplex.  Masha catches Kelly trying to kick her from the apron and plants her face first.  Back in the ring, Masha goes on the attack, bashing Kelly’s head into the turnbuckle.  She then uses the camel clutch.  She pulls hair and bites Kelly, while using the hold.  After a backfist and spin kick, Masha gets a two count on Kelly.  Back to the Camel Clutch, but Kelly stands out.  Masha converts to a sleeper, but Kelly backs to the corner and then headbutts Masha, before doing a exploder.  Masha then kicks out after eating a German.  Masha kicks Kelly and hits a reverse piledriver.  Kelly blocks a snow plow and hits a death valley driver.  Kelly locks on the Killer Clutch.  Masha climbs the ropes and falls back and gets the pin, when Kelly refuses to let go of the hold.  Kelly could care less if she lost.  She wants Masha to pass out.

Winner.  Masha Slamovich

However, Kelly leaves standing tall.  She holds on to the hold and Masha passes out.  Kelly leaves gloating over Masha.  This is not over between the two.

Sheldon Jean is approached by Kenny King backstage.  King tells him to remember what he has told him.  Tonight is his night to make a name for himself.

Trinity is interviewed backstage.  She has her eyes on the Knockouts Championship.

Kenny King enters the arena in street clothes.   He joins the announce team.

Match 2.  Nick Aldis VS Sheldon Jean

Strangely Aldis enters first.  They didn’t put a lot of work into his entrance.  Jean enters next.  He seems to get more tv time than Aldis.  Aldis shoulders Jean off the ropes.  Nick takes down Sheldon a few times.  Jean bails and taunts fans.  Aldis follows him out and knees Jean and draws the attention of King.  Jean gouges Aldis eyes and slams him into the post.  Back in the ring, Jean gets a quick two count.  the two start trading rights in the ring.  The pace quickens and Aldis connects with two lariats and a driver.  Aldis goes to the top, but Jean catches him.  Aldis knocks Jean to the floor and drops the elbow.  Aldis locks on the Kings Cloverleaf and Jean taps.

Winner by submission, Nick Aldis.

Kenny King says Sheldon Jean is no Kenny King.  King wants Aldis.

Johnny Swinger and Zicky Dice are being questioned by Joe Hendry and Detective Dango.   Dango asks Santino Marella on the phone for a match with him and Swinger.  The match is set.  Dango’s interaction with Hendry is hilarious.

Part 3 of the Frankie Kazarian interview is next.  Gia Miller wants to know what Frankie’s aspiration is now.  She brings up his failure to beat Josh Alexander for the World Championship.  He says he still wants the belt.  Until he gets another shot, he wants to be the wrestler that helps the company and the workers in it.

Match 3. Black Taurus and Crazzy Steve (Decay) VS The Good Hands, John Skyler and Jason Hotch

Hotch cuts a promo prior to the match.  He buries The Cubs and the city of Chicago.  Taurus crushes Skyler with slams and kicks to start the match.  Steve tags in and tries to bite Skyler, but Jason saves him and tags in.  They end up making quick tags and double team them.  Steve eventually bites them both, but Skyler suplexes him anyway.  Steve then eats a flatliner.  Brian Myers heads out on the ramp.  Taurus enters and take out both of the Good Hands.  He hits a Samoan Drop next on Jason and Steve dives to the floor on Skyler.  Myers attacks Steve on the floor.  Taurus makes the save, but The Good Hands hit a double team suplex/dive off the top and get the win.

Winners.  The Good Hands.

Myers leaves with The Good Hands celebrating the win.

World Champion, Steve Maclin is backstage screaming at Shera and Raj Singh for their screw up last week.  Back from break, Singh and Shera are pounding on Heath.  Rhino and officials make the save.

Match 4.  Rhino VS Impact World Champion, Steve Maclin

The shove each other around to start off.  Rhino twist the arm and muscles Maclin to the corner and break.   Maclin recovers and backs Rhino to the corner with chops.  Rhino reverse the position and hip tosses the champion.  Maclin bails, but Rhino follows and crotches Maclin on the barricade.  Maclin goes on the run, and he uses that to drive a knee into Rhino’s knee.  Maclin knows this area has been injured and needed surgery.  He strengthens the attack on the knee, using the ropes and apron for various thrusts upon the injury.  Maclin then locks on a spinning toe hold.  He tries for a pin and gets two.  Maclin misses a splash from the second rope.  Rhino and Maclin start trading blows and Rhino gets the best of it.  He drives Maclin to the corner with a mini gore. Maclin backs up the ropes to the top.  Rhino is setting up a suplex, but can his knee take the weight?  Yes.  Nice delivery by the challenger.  Maclin kicks out at a long two.  Rhino then hits a spinebuster for a two count.  Rhino is slow to go from move to move.  This seems to give Maclin just enough time.  Rhino stumbles going for a Gore.  Maclin dives the knee.  Maclin starts chanting Gore and gives one to Rhino and gets the pin.

Winner and still Impact World Champion, Steve Maclin

Maclin with defend his title at Under Siege against PCO.  Maclin grabs a chair and continues his assault on Rhino.  He uses the chair on the injured knee.  He then uses it several more time.  Heath can’t help him.  Maclin a shovel and then starts smashing a chair with it that was wrapped around Rhino’s knee and ankle.

After the break, we see Rhino being carried out and put in a ambulance.  Rhino meets Maclin in the parking lot.  Maclin was trying to get in the ambulance.  PCO stopped him.

Joe Hendry heads out next.  He is the Digital Media Champion.  He grabs the mic.  A “We Believe” chant breaks out.  He talks about his broken nose and even Michael Jordan.  lol

Match 5.  Dirty Dango (I guess he isn’t Detective Dango right now) VS Johnny Swinger

Swinger’s entrance pays homage to the Andre The Giant entrance from Wrestlemania 3.  It is always entertaining.  Dango starts off with punches.  Swingers gets a break from interference from Dice.  Swinger chokes Dango with his foot.  Dango catches a boot and hits a falcon arrow and it is over.

Winner by pinfall, Dirty Dango

Dango and Hendry stand tall.

We get a promo from Deaner and The Design.  He tells Sami Callihan he has a family and an army behind him.  Sami and Rich Swann attack the army and The Design.

Moose confronts Brian Myers for helping The Good Hands.  Moose doesn’t like Myers helping The Good Hands.

Match 6.  Knockouts World Tag Team Champions, The Coven, Taylor Wilde and KiLynn King vs. Deonna Purrazzo and Jordynne Grace

Purrazzo is the Knockouts World Champion.  She will face her partner at Under Siege.  The two work together nicely to start the match on KyLynn.  They tag in and out nicely and double team her well.  Eventually Wilde tags in and she and double team Grace.  KyLynn tags back in and drives Grace into the corner.  Grace elbows out of a rack hold.  She then elbows KyLynn and we go to break.  Wilde tags in with Purrazzo. Taylor holds an advantage and works over Purrazzo in their corner and King tags back in.  Purrazzo then eats a suplex.  King gets a two count.  The Coven illegally double team Purrazzo, playing the ref for a fool.  Wilde hits some brutal back thrust kicks.  The Coven finally get shouldered after another whip and double team.  Grace gets the tag and she spinebusters King and jackhammers Wilde.  Grace throws Wilde to the floor like a bag of potatoes.  King helps her partner and they spike Grace on the floor head first.  This slowed Grace a lot.  Wilde hits a few forearms, but Grace kicks Wilde and places her on the top rope.  Wilde eats a muscle buster.  King makes the save.  She heads to the floor with Deonna.  Grace pummels Wilde.  King breaks up a Grace Driver and Wilde sets her up for a King pump kick.  Grace takes the pin from Wilde.

Winners and still Knockouts Champion, The Coven

Trinity heads out to make the save.  You have to see this outfit she has on.  Grace thanks Trinity for helping her.



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