Updates on AEW and WBD, new Collision show

May 10, 2023 - by Staff

As reported earlier today, it’s been revealed that AEW and Warner Bros. Discovery are set to announce their new TV deal, which includes the new AEW Collision TV show, next Wednesday during the WBD Upfronts from The Theater at Madison Square Garden in New York City. It was reported in late April that Collision is planned to premiere on Saturday, June 17 from the United Center in Chicago, featuring the return of CM Punk. The show is expected to air each Saturday on TNT from 8-10pm. While details were not provided then, it was also reported that in addition to Punk’s return, the Collision premiere is expected to include the debut of another major name, or return.

In an update, a new report from Fightful Select notes that AEW has major plans and a marquee match tentatively scheduled for the Collision premiere. Furthermore, Punk is reportedly pushing for a huge match early on in his return.

A program with Chris Jericho has been discussed, which goes with the reports on the meeting held between Punk and Jericho, but word is that Punk has pushed for another return opponent for his comeback.

The previous report mentioned above noted how AEW Rampage will continue to air as a one-hour show each Friday and with a roster split expected, with one group working Wednesday and another working Saturday, because Rampage is likely to be taped on Wednesday, then that would mean the show would predominately have the Wednesday night crew. It was further stated that the Saturday crew would be headed by Punk and AEW World Tag Team Champions FTR, while the Wednesday crew will be led by AEW Executive Vice Presidents The Elite and The Blackpool Combat Club. Jericho was rumored for the Saturday crew because Punk in particular would need a strong opponent.

In an update on the rumored roster split, this new report notes that Rampage will become a product that more resembles what WWE Heat once was. It was noted that many indie wrestlers will be more likely to get opportunities on ROH programming. Multiple sources have now reported that the new AEW – WBD TV deal does not include ROH programming, which will continue to air via HonorClub.

The rumored roster split is not expected to be a hard brand split associated with the new show, but word is that there are plans to have a fresh roster approach with some significant talents. There are several AEW wrestlers who have been sidelined, and they believe they will be booked on the show, but have not been outright told they are.

In regards to AEW possibly trying to keep Punk and The Elite apart for obvious reasons, sources indicated that both crews will occasionally appear on Dynamite and Collision when it’s called for.

AEW already has several Saturday dates set aside to film Collision, but word is that when necessary, they may book a venue for two straight nights to film on Thursdays, the night after the weekly Dynamite show at the same location.

This new report also notes that WBD airing Collision in primetime is part of a new cash infusion for AEW, and an extension of the partnership the two sides have held. While Fightful could not confirm the new TV deal, we noted earlier that other sources are reporting that it will be announced next Wednesday at the WBD Upfronts. It was said that there has been a lot of talk and rumors within AEW and WBD, and online, about this deal being a billion dollar deal over a few years time, and word now is that that could be true if all of their deals are extrapolated. However, WBD sources have indicated that Collision was the planned upcoming announcement, as opposed to an all-encompassing TV deal that includes Dynamite and Rampage, which is not in line with today’s report on the TV deal announcement planned for the Upfronts next Wednesday. AEW and WBD sources have not confirmed a dollar figure, which goes with the earlier report on how terms could not be confirmed.

There was a recent report on WBD being interested in working with WWE. However, this new report notes that reps from WWE and WBD have not heard of any talks whatsoever, and have dismissed rumors that there were any talks. WBD sources have long talked “glowingly” about the relationship they have with AEW.

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  1. What? says:

    And how will they determine who is on which show? Maybe they could have some sort of event where the members of each roster are selected one by one (or two for tag teams, or five for stables, whatever, continuity doesn’t matter). They could call it a “draft,” just to toss a word out there. And then once the separate rosters are settled, members of one roster can randomly appear on the other show anyway. But they’re not trying to be like WWE. Nope.

  2. art123guy says:

    But…I thought Jericho said he’d NEVER work with Punk.

    @What?– WWE didn’t invent the term ‘draft’ so AEW doing one as well wouldn’t be copying. However, the WWE DID invent having a draft, kinda, sorts sticking to it for 6 months then using everyone everywhere. So as long as AEW doesn’t do that,,,aww, who am I kidding.

    If AEW wanted to be original, they’d make each show a specific type of wrestling show. By that I mean, have Dynamite be the more sports entertainment show and Collision be the more wrestling show. So say if yer mainly on Dynamite, if you go to Collision, you gotta do more wrestling and vice versa.

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