Notes on Santos Escobar and Kenny Omega

May 10, 2023 - by James Walsh

– WWE’s Santos Escobar, after Backlash was a huge hit with the fans, thinks Wrestlemania in Mexico should be next:

“What’s the next step? Mexico City, the Aztec Stadium. Over 110,000 people there for a premium live event, maybe? For a WrestleMania, maybe? The Superstars are ready for it. We’re ready for it and Mexico is ready for it. Latin America is ready for it.”

– During an interview with to promote his upcoming steel cage match on AEW Dynamite against Jon Moxley, Kenny Omega commented on who he thinks is the MVP (most valuable player) in AEW…

“If I’m being honest, the MVP of AEW hasn’t been me. It’s Jon Moxley. For AEW, Jon’s been the one. He’s been at almost every show. He’s bled at almost every show. There is no one higher on the blood-giving list. Maybe that’s what makes this feud so interesting. It’s someone with the notoriety from Japan against someone who was a top player from WWE. And Jon hasn’t stopped working. I was injured, but now that I’m healed up, it’s beautiful that we can restart the song and dance between Kenny Omega and Jon Moxley.”

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  1. What? says:

    Bleeding is not the same as being a good, engaging wrestler. Moxley is that (even if he could stand to change it up every once in a while), but Omega is highlighting the wrong thing.

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