WWE NXT Report – 5/9

May 9, 2023 - by Staff

– Tonight’s WWE NXT episode opens up with a look back at how Indi Hartwell relinquished the NXT Women’s Title last week due to her draft pick to RAW. We also see her reunion with Dexter Lumis, and NXT women’s division talents brawling for the vacant title. We’re now live from the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, Florida as Vic Joseph welcomes us. He’s joined at ringside by WWE Hall of Famer Booker T.

– We see the vacant NXT Women’s Title belt on display at the entrance-way. Gigi Dolin, Tiffany Stratton, Roxanne Perez, Jacy Jayne, Lyra Valkyria, Kiana James, Fallon Henley, and Cora Jade are all standing there. Alicia Taylor says it’s time to kick the tournament off.

NXT Women’s Title Tournament First Round Match: Tiffany Stratton vs. Gigi Dolin

Tiffany Stratton heads to the ring to boos as we see a pre-recorded interview where she rants about how she shouldn’t have to compete in this tournament. She also knocks her opponent. The music hits and Gigi Dolin heads to the ring to a pop now. Dolin also cuts a pre-recorded promo with harsh words for Jacy Jayne and Stratton.

The bell rings and they go at it as Dolin has her shoulder taped up. They trade offense and Dolin drops Stratton for 2. Dolin counters and levels Stratton for another 2 count. Dolin drops Stratton in the corner but runs into a boot.

Stratton runs and hits a sliding double stomp for 2. Fans rally for Dolin as Stratton grounds her by the hurt arm. Stratton keeps control with a focus on the arm. Stratton continues to beat Dolin around the ring by her arm. Dolin counters and stacks Stratton for 2. Stratton comes right back with another stiff shot for 2.

Stratton rag-dolls Dolin by the arm but lands hard as Dolin moves. They trade strikes in the middle of the ring now. Dolin with knees and a clothesline, and another, then a big boot. Dolin screams at Stratton. Stratton cuts Dolin off and hits the springboard back elbow into the corner. Dolin dodges the double stomp but can’t roll Stratton up.

Dolin with a roundhouse kick and a STO for Stratton hangs in there and blocks another move with a shot to the arm. Stratton hoists Dolin and slams her. Stratton then goes up top for the Prettiest Moonsault Ever to get the pin to win and advance.

Winner: Tiffany Stratton

– After the match, Stratton stands tall to boos as the music hits and we go to replays. Stratton will face the winner of next week’s match between Roxanne Perez and Jacy Jayne.

– We see Gallus walking backstage. We go to The Schism now. Joe Gacy tells The Dyad he sacrificed for them last week and now he is confident they will bring gold home tonight. Four roots, one tree. The Dyad slips their masks on, then heads out. Gacy stops Ava and says he has taken her words of advice to heart, and he will not be joining them at ringside tonight as his attention needs to be directed elsewhere, but he tells her to guide The Dyad as he would. Ava puts her mask on and walks off as we go to commercial.

– Back from the break and we see Trick Williams and NXT Champion Carmelo Hayes at the barbershop. Trick brags about how he will put a beating on Bron Breakker tonight. Carmelo says Trick doesn’t have to do this, but Trick says he does, and he’s been training and working harder than ever. Trick goes on and says yeah he’s doing this for Carmelo, but also for himself, to prove he’s what he’s been saying he is all along. Trick says Hayes’ biggest test is defending at Battleground. Everyone cheers Trick on as he heads out. Vic confirms this will be tonight’s main event.

NXT Tag Team Titles Match: The Dyad vs. Gallus

We go back to the ring and The Schism is waiting in the ring – The Dyad’s Rip Fowler and Jagger Reid with Ava. Gallus is out next – NXT Tag Team Champions Mark Coffey and Wolfgang with Joe Coffey.

The two teams have words and a brawl breaks out, then the bell rings. Coffey goes at it with Reid now. Coffey with a big shoulder to drop Reid. Reid fights out of a headlock but Coffey keeps it locked in. Wolfgang comes in to flatten Reid but he hangs in there.

We see Channing “Stacks” Lorenzo watching from a corner as Wolfgang controls Reid. Reid fights back and in comes Fowler, unloading on Wolfgang for a 2 count. Fowler beats Wolfgang around but Wolfgang blocks a suplex and hits one of his own. Coffey tags back in and works on Fowler by the arm, keeping him down.

Reid tags in for the double team sequence on Coffey. Reid dropkicks Wolfgang off the apron to the floor. Reid and Fowler then hit the double team enziguri into a Flatliner combo on Coffey and Reid covers for a close 2 count as we go back to commercial.

Back from the break and Fowler has Coffey down with a headlock. Reid tags in for a double attempt but Coffey fights them off. The numbers game is too much as they hit another combo for a close 2 count. We see The Creed Brothers backstage pranking Ivy Nile with blue Schism-like masks but she doesn’t find it funny.

Reid keeps Coffey grounded now as Wolfgang and Joe rally. Coffey back-dops Reid and in comes Wolfgang, running over Reid and slamming Fowler in from the apron. Wolfgang runs wild on both challengers now, fighting them both off. Wolfgang knocks Fowler off the apron after splashing Reid in the corner.

Wolfgang with a big axe handle off the top on Reid, then scoop slam and a senton. Coffey tags in and they hit the double chokeslam to Reid but he kicks out just in time. Fowler prevents a Gallus double team from the floor, allowing Reid to stack Wolfgang for 2. Coffey slams Fowler face-first into the announce table. Coffey tags back in for the double team but Ava hits the apron to distract. Reid catches Coffey with a big DDT off the double team attempt.

Fowler pulls Wolfgang to the floor and jabs him in the throat, then tags in. Nile attacks Ava at ringside but The Creed Brothers and Reid try to keep them separated. The distraction to Fowler allows Coffey to drop him, then tag in Wolfgang for the big double team in the middle of the ring. Wolfgang covers for the pin to win and retain.

Winners: Gallus

– After the match, the music hits as Gallus stands tall. Ava throws a fit at ringside while we go to replays. Joe joins his brother and Wolfgang to pose in the middle of the ring.

– We see video from earlier today with Thea Hail hanging out backstage with other Chase University students. Javier Bernal pokes fun at her for not being in the women’s tournament. Duke Hudson shows up and apologizes for being late but he was grading papers. Hail is very excited for her 88 grade. Bernal pokes fun at Duke for being so invested in Chase U, grading papers and everything else he’s doing. Duke says Javier doesn’t even go here, and he’s just filling in for Andre Chase while he’s away. Duke asks Javier how dare he disrespect the good name of Duke… he means, the good name of Chase University. Bernal says Duke had a little slip-up there. Duke goes on and says he’s going to get a match made with Bernal tonight to give him a good Chase University beating. Hail and Duke are fired up as we go to commercial.

– Back from the break and we see a video of a mystery figure watching the recent sneak attacks on Sol Ruca, Wendy Choo and Nikkita Lyons.

Javier Bernal vs. Duke Hudson

We go back to the ring and out comes Javier Bernal to boos. Duke Hudson is out next with Thea Hail and his MVP trophy as the Chase University student section cheers them on.

The bell rings and Duke uses his power to take control early on. Bernal makes Duke chase him out and back in, then he stomps away on Duke as fans try to rally. Duke rocks Bernal and slams him a few times. Bernal kicks the knee to stun Duke, then nails a sliding clothesline, and a sliding forearm for a quick pin attempt.

Bernal unloads to keep Duke down, now grounding him with a headlock as Hail cheers from ringside. Fans chant for Duke now. Duke fights up to “MVP!” chants and tosses Bernal away. Bernal unloads while Duke is on his knees but Duke just takes it and hulks up. Duke blocks a shot and delivers with big punches, then a sidewalk slam in the middle of the ring.

Duke with more big right hands, then the wind-up clothesline and a senton as fans cheer. Hail yells in Bernal’s face while Duke hits a big German suplex. Duke with the Razor’s Edge in the middle of the ring for the pin to win.

Winner: Duke Hudson

– After the match, Duke stands tall as the music hits and we go to replays. Hail celebrates with Hudson now.

– Von Wagner and Mr. Stone are backstage now. Stone agrees it would be a good idea to do rapid fire word association to get to know Von better. Von’s favorite hamburgers are bacon burgers, his favorite fries are chili cheese, his favorite ice cream is mint chocolate chip, no cookies & cream like his dad. Stone says his is pistachio. Stone shows Von the same photo from last week, of Von with stitches on his head as a kid. Von says no, he told Stone he doesn’t want to talk about it. Luca Crusifino appears nearby and says something out of the way to a woman. Von grabs Crusifino by his arm and slams him against a stack of production cases. Von lets go and Luca runs off, calling Von a freak. Stone looks at Von disappointed, and Von asks, pistachio? Von walks off as Stone looks at the photo again.

Eddy Thorpe vs. Damon Kemp

We go back to the ring and out comes Eddy Thorpe to a pop. He struts to the ring as we go back to commercial.

Back from the break and Gallus is walking backstage, singing a celebratory song. The Diamond Mine shows up and Gallus warns them to stay out of their business. The Creed Brothers issue a warning for the NXT Tag Team Titles. Joe Gacy says they are not worthy of the titles, and Gallus is going out to celebrate. Ivy Nile thanks The Creeds for having her back. Julius says no one can mess with Ivy, except he and Brutus. We go back to the ring and Damon Kemp is out as Thorpe looks on. They lock up and trade holds early on. They break and lock up some more. Thorpe with a stiff headlock takedown.

Kemp fights up and out, slamming Thorpe with a headlock. They run the ropes and Thorpe leaps with a high crossbody. Thorpe rocks Kemp but Kemp blocks a suplex, then nails a big uppercut. Kemp with a slingshot suplex using the top rope for a 2 count.

Kemp mounts Thorpe with right hands to boos. Kemp works Thorpe around while taunting him, then grounds him with a headlock as fans rally for Thorpe. Thorpe fights up and out as fans cheer him on. Thorpe mounts offense and blocks Kemp with a big strike into the corner.

Thorpe with a German suplex out of the corner for 2. Kemp fights Thorpe off with back elbows now. They trade counters and Thorpe tries to turn Kemp into the single-leg Crab, finally getting it.

Kemp crawls to the rope to break it up. The referee finally gets Thorpe to let up as Kemp holds on to the apron cover. They tangle and Thorpe connects with a jumping elbow drop in the middle of the ring for the pin to win.

Winner: Eddy Thorpe

– After the match, Thorpe stands tall in the corner while Kemp argues with the referee.

– McKenzie Mitchell is backstage with Kiana James, asking about her first year with NXT. James complains bout her tournament spot and says whoever did the brackets did her no favors. She says she thrives under pressure, just look at her last 12 months as they speak volumes, especially the last 5-6. James says she’s done everything she has wanted to, except win the NXT Women’s Title. She says yes, her first year was incredible but imagine how bigger year two will be as champion.

Ilja Dragunov vs. Dijak

We go back to the ring and out comes Ilja Dragunov to a pop. Back to commercial.

Back from the break and McKenzie Mitchell approaches Bron Breakker in the locker room. She asks about the attitude change, but he says there’s no change, he just stopped caring. Bron says he carried the NXT Title, the NXT flag and the weight of the brand but what did it get him? Nothing, and the fans made their choice in NXT Champion Carmelo Hayes, and that’s fine, but Melo is probably still picking the splinters out of ass from the recent Spear. Bron says if McKenzie and anyone else don’t like his attitude, there’s the door because he didn’t ask for this interview, she did. Bron then tells Melo that tonight he will put this buddy in the same hospital he put Melo in. Bron says he will see Melo at Battleground. We go back to the ring and out comes Dijak. Ilja immediately strikes and sends Dijak into the corner. Ilja unloads with stiff shots around the ring. Dijak turns it around and rocks Ilja in the opposite corner. Ilja with big chops across the ring now.

Ilja with a flurry of chops against the turnbuckles now as fans pop. Dijak goes down. Ilja leaps off the middle rope, then goes back up but Dijak rocks him. Dijak knocks Ilja to the floor and he lands hard. Dijak brings it back in for a 2 count. Dijak pounds on Ilja some more for a quick cover. Dijak grounds Ilja and screams in his face as fans rally.

Ilja fights up and out, unloading with punches. Dijak with a big boo but Ilja pops right back up with an enziguri to drop Dijak. Ilja lifts Dijak from behind but can’t capitalize. Ilja with a big forearm and a roundhouse but he also goes down. Ilja stays on Dijak but Dijak blocks the German suplex. Dijak fights back and rag-dolls Ilja to the mat, then hits a big discus big boot.

Ilja kicks out just in time. Dijak goes out and grabs a steel chair from the timekeeper. He brings it back in but the referee stops him. Dijak shoves the referee down in the corner, then rocks Ilja with the chair. The referee calls the match via disqualification.

Winner by DQ: Ilja Dragunov

– After the bell, Dijak delivers another chair shot and sends Ilja to the floor to boos. Dijak follows and continues the assault, sending Ilja into the edge of the ring. Dijak takes apart the steel ring steps and traps Ilja underneath them. Ilja screams but Dijak taunts him and stands on top of the steps to keep him trapped, asking how the pain feels and if Ilja feels trapped. Fans boo Dijak. Referees come out to assist Ilja as he gets free but is still down. Dijak talks trash into the camera and says he can do this to any man.

– Tyler Bate is backstage meditating in a hazy room. Wes Lee comes in and says he hasn’t seen this much smoke since he spent time with Matt Riddle. Lee thanks Bate for having his back last week and says he will have Bate’s back tonight. Lee says Charlie Dempsey and Drew Gulak are killing all the fun in NXT. Bate finally wakes up from his deep state and asks if Lee was saying something because he was on the much higher plane he gets to. They talk some more and head out as we go to commercial.

– Back from the break and we see WWE Performance Center video from days earlier, with Brooks Jensen, Josh Briggs, Hank Walker and Tank Ledger congratulating Dani Palmer on her debut. She asks them for some pointers. This leads to Hank proposing a tag team match. The four male Superstars shake on it.

Tyler Bate vs. Charlie Dempsey

We go back to the ring and Tyler Bate is out with NXT North American Champion Wes Lee. Charlie Dempsey is out with Drew Gulak. The bell rings and they trade offense back & forth for the first few minutes.

Bate with the Standing Shooting Star Press early on but Dempsey kicks out. They trade strikes on their feet again. Dempsey with a high knee and a double underhook suplex for 2. Bate fights back butt Dempsey drops down on him with knees for a pin, but Bate counters that.

They trade more counters on the mat and get back up to a stalemate. They both charge again but collide and go down. Fans rally now as Gulak and Lee look on. Bate and Dempsey trade lefts and rights. Dempsey with an abdominal stretch. Bate with the airplane spin now, slamming Dempsey from his shoulders to the mat.

Joe Gacy comes out and has words with Lee. Gulak gets on the other side of Lee and Lee yells at them. Bate runs the ring and dives out, taking Gacy and Gulak down. Bate goes back in and rocks Dempsey but Gulak distracts the referee on the apron, faking a knee injury, allowing Gacy to hit a cheap shot on Bate. Dempsey takes advantage and hits the Dragon suplex to Bate for the pin to win.

Winner: Charlie Dempsey

– After the match, Dempsey and Gulak stand tall as the music hits. Gacy is all smiles as he looks on from the floor but Lee and Bate are now.

– We see a Twitter clip of Carmelo Hayes watching the Bron Breakker locker room promo we just saw. He heads to the venue for tonight’s main event, even though Trick Williams told him to stay back. Back to commercial.

– McKenzie is backstage with Dragon Lee, asking about Noam Dar. Lee says Dar sees him as a threat, which is why he wanted JD McDonagh to take Lee out. He says Dar only cares about himself and his Heritage Cup. Dar suddenly appears on the screen behind them. He talks some trash and invites Lee on the relaunch of Supernova Sessions, WWE’s most loved and revered talk show. He says Lee will be the envy of the locker room, it will be unique for Lee’s career, skyrocketing up from the floor where it currently resides. Dar says he awaits the response, thank you, goodbye. Lee says he will be there. He walks off.

Josh Briggs and Brooks Jensen vs. Hank Walker and Tank Ledger

We go back to the ring and out comes Josh Briggs and Brooks Jensen with Fallon Henley. Back to commercial.

Back from the break and out comes Hank Walker and Tank Ledger. Tank and Hank quickly attack and get aggressive early on, taking their opponents out with big power moves. Hank with a close 2 count on Briggs.

Hank beats Briggs around the ring now, but Briggs counters with a big back suplex. Jensen tags in and hey double team Hank with several power moves. Jensen covers for 2. Jensen with big chops on Hank in the corner now.

Hank explodes out of the corner and runs over Jensen. Tank tags in and rocks Jensen for a corner splash and a big slam for 2. Briggs tags in and they hit the big double team on Tank for 2.

Tank apparently lost a tooth on the big boot from Briggs. Tank unloads on Briggs now. Jensen tags in but Tank doesn’t see it. They hit the Hart Attack on Tank for the pin to win.

Winners: Josh Briggs and Brooks Jensen

– After the match, Briggs and Jensen stand tall as the music hits. We go to replays. Fallon joins Briggs and Jensen now. The two tag teams shake hands as Fallon applauds.

– We go to a vignette with Lyra Valkyria. She says evolve or get left behind… she’s been evolving and adapting, sharping her weapons, and is not the same person who crossed the Atlantic last year, but she is still the Valkyria who presides over this concrete jungle. She has three women marked on her route to the NXT Women’s Title, and tonight she starts with Kiana James. We go to commercial.

– Back from the break and we go to Nathan Frazer at the news desk for another Hard-Hitting Home Truths segment. He looks at the NXT Superstars who went to RAW and SmackDown in the WWE Draft, and how this means spots have opened up, but for who? He names a few people, including himself, and says all this fighting among talents from around the world gives a new meaning to World Domination. Frazer talks about Noam Dar now and some of their history. Frazer laughs at what Dar did to Dragon Lee last week and goes on about how the Heritage Cup is really Dar’s baby, but it’s likely he won’t have that baby much longer and then his whole world will come crashing down.

NXT Women’s Title Tournament First Round Match: Lyra Valkyria vs. Kiana James

We go back to the ring and Kiana James is out with her loaded bag, taking a look at the NXT Women’s Title on display. Lyra Valkyria is out next for this opening round tournament match.

The bell rings and they go at it, trading several counters and pin attempts for the first few minutes. James rocks Valkyria and gets her on her shoulders but Valkyria hits a unique takedown into a Crucifix pin.

James takes control and sends Valkyria flying out to the floor. James brings it back to the edge of the apron and works Valkyria over while she yells out in pain. James taunts Valkyria while she’s down as fans boo and we go back to commercial.

Back from the break and James is dominating Valkyria, focusing on the ribs. Valkyria comes from out of nowhere with a big dropkick as fans rally now. Valkyria mounts offense with chops and kicks now. James knocks her away with a shot to the ribs, but Valkyria launches her out to the floor.

Valkyria runs the ring and hits a dropkick through the ropes. Valkyria brings it back in and goes to the top but has to roll through as James moves. Valkyria comes right back with a big kick, then a Northern Lights suplex but James kicks out just in time. Valkyria leaps off the top with the axe handle but James gets her knees up, shocking herself.

James with a big powerbomb in the middle of the ring to hold it for the pin but Valkyria kicks out just in time. James continues to punish Valkyria now. Valkyria slides out of a hold and nails the spin kick for the pin to win and advance.

Winner: Lyra Valkyria

– After the match, Valkyria recovers as the music hits and we go to replays. Valkyria will face the winner of next week’s first round match between Fallon Henley and Cora Jade. Valkyria stands tall and celebrates now.

– We go to Gallus celebrating at the pub. Tony D’Angelo and Channing “Stacks” Lorenzo show up to congratulate them, saying they won some money on betting on tonight’s match. They have a few words and Tony says they just came to say they want the next title shot. Gallus gets aggressive, threatens them and tells them to leave. Tony says they will leave, but Gallus is state-side now and they need to watch who they threaten. Tony says they will get their title shot. A few of Gallus’ henchmen show up and surround Tony and Stacks when it looks like a fight is about to break out, but Stacks reminds Tony they’re outnumbered, and they leave.

Bron Breakker vs. Trick Williams

We go back to the ring and out comes Trick Williams for tonight’s main event. Back to commercial.

Back from the break and out comes Bron Breakker to mostly boos as Alicia Taylor does the introduction. Trick paces around and stares Bron down. The bell hits and they lock up. Bron takes it to the corner.

Bron breaks and they lock up again with Bron taking Trick down. Bron controls Trick by his arm now as fans rally. Trick dropkicks Bron to stagger him, then dropkicks him into the corner. Trick with big right hands in the corner now, then shoulder thrusts as the referee backs him off.

Bon rocks Trick but Trick rams him back into the corner and continues to unload with strikes and shoulders. Bron fights Trick off but Trick nails a big boot, then kicks Bron through the ropes to the floor in front of the announcers. Trick follows and beats Bron up against the announce table as fans cheer him on.

Bron counters and launches Trick onto the announce table. Trick falls to the floor and Bron brings him back into the ring, mounting him with stiff rights instead of going for the pin. Bron with a big overhead throw now, then a German suplex. Fans taunt Bron with “Bron Breakker sucks!” chants as he slams Trick again.

Bron covers for 2 but stops to do push-ups. Fans chant “you still suck!” now as Bron grounds Trick. Trick tries to fight out but Bron keeps control. Trick mounts some offense but Bron snatches him in mid-air and spikes him into the mat for a close 2 count. Fans continue to taunt Bron.

Trick rocks Bron out of nowhere, then nails a neckbreaker and they’re both down. Fans chant “Trick!” as he mounts more offense, nailing a dropkick and a flying shoulder. Trick is fired up now and so are the fans. Trick with a Uranage for a close 2 count. Bron counters mid-move and slams Trick to the mat. Bron talks some trash now, telling Trick to get up.

Trick fights up from the mat but Bron intercepts him with a big Spear in mid-air. Bron drops the straps and applies the Steiner Recliner instead of going for the pin. Bron tightens it and Trick finally taps out.

Winner: Bron Breakker

– After the match, Breakker stands tall to boos. The music hits and we go to replays. Bron grabs and applies another Recliner in the middle of the ring to boos. NXT Champion Carmelo Hayes rushes out to a pop now. Hayes attacks Bron but Bron shoves him away. Hayes springboards at Bron with a crossbody but Bron meets him in mid-air with a big Spear. Bron is fired up now as he grabs the title belt and kneels down in Hayes’ face, yelling about how the title still belongs to him. Fans chant “you still suck!” now. Bron stands tall and tosses the title onto Hayes while he’s down, clutching his ribs. Bron’s music starts up as we go to replays. Bron now stands over Hayes and looks out at the crowd to boos. NXT goes off the air.

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