Here’s How to Bet Like an Expert in UFC Fights Today

May 8, 2023 - by staff

The UFC, or Ultimate Fighting Championship, is one of the most popular and viewed combat sports worldwide. With intense fights and a show of techniques from the world’s strongest athletes, it has undoubtedly become a hotspot for bettors and sportsbook enthusiasts.

Whether you’re a beginner getting a feel for the ropes or a seasoned bettor taking on new heights, today’s article will provide you with a guide on how to bet efficiently on UFC fights and make the most out of your budget to win big.

Understanding UFC Betting Methods

Before playing in the sports betting field, you must understand the betting styles under the UFC, just like every UFC fights have fighters with varying combat techniques and martial arts.

Over/Under Bets

One of the most common bets in every UFC fight, Over/Under bets, involves wagering on the total number of rounds played in a match. The handler presents the number of rounds, and you’ll bet whether the actual fight would go over or under the said rounds.

Moneyline Bets

A straightforward type of betting. This involves wagering on the winner with listed odds and probability. Each fighter has listed an odd percentage; those with favorable odds are considered underdogs, while negative ones are favored. This does not dictate who will be the winner, but favored fighters are more expected to win than underdogs.


Paylays involve multiple bets on specific outcomes on a single wager. Each parlay is unique to every match, and while they bring the highest payout value for winners, they also bring a more considerable risk since you’re not just betting on a single outcome.

Prop Bets

Prop bets are interesting because you can wager not on the outcome but on factors outside the match and even the winning method. For example, instead of betting on who would be the winner, you can bet on what method will be used for victory. Would it be a total knockout, submission, or point-scoring from judges?

Don’t Be Too Trusting on Statistics

Looking at the numbers before the fight is essential when making a sound decision. However, fight records and statistics don’t often tell the whole picture. Sure, a fighter with few losses may look like they have a higher chance of winning, but with so many things that can happen in a few minutes, anyone could have a well-timed strike or submission to make your favored player lose.

Simply put, statistics do not mean a guaranteed outcome, so always tread lightly when looking at their numbers.

UFC Fighting Styles And Matchups

In MMA, fighters are trained to master different fighting styles and use them in different scenarios.

What it means to you as a bettor understanding what fighters are good at is essential in identifying their potential strategies against their opponents. For example, it may be best to bet on a fighter who is good at escaping from submissions than on someone skilled in offensive grappling and vice versa.

There are strikers, grapplers, and a combination of two or more fighting styles. Understanding how they work can help you make better and more informed betting decisions.

Avoid Making Bets Based on Fighting Record Alone

As mentioned above, a fighter’s number is not an indicator of a guaranteed outcome. Although it can help analyze wagers, there are a lot of factors to consider.

A good example is checking their training regime, previous matchups, and injury reports. A striker who had recently won a fight but was sent on medical leave due to a broken leg may not be able to utilize their strengths properly than someone who has a fair amount of wins and losses but has longer preparation time and is in optimal health condition.

Don’t Be Affected By Hype

If one thing attracts bettors and audiences, it’s hype. Watching the UFC is exciting, and the sports entertainment and media make it so.

In main events, marketing, and advertising campaigns, make a massive effort to bring up the anticipation between fighters, primarily if they have known backstories, controversies, or just an intense feud against each other that makes you feel you shouldn’t miss it.

And while that feeling is good and can bring you to prepare and play bets with it, it often disrupts the actual outcome of this match. As a bettor, it’s normal to be excited about a match but be very objective in looking at the numbers and the associated betting factors.

If you want to win big, bet for the best possible outcome based on logic and reasoning, not by the hype it brings.

Final Thoughts

As any sports betting plays, it is exciting, opens up opportunities to win big, and brings up risks. The same can be said in every UFC match. With so much to go around, you have to be quick and analytical on your wagers and ensure that you bet only to the best potential outcome.

These tips above will get you to a good start as you learn the mechanics and ropes of betting on the UFC. And as long as you have strict discipline on your resources, you could go a long way in winning bets and going home with a bang.

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