LWO members get matching logo tattoos in Puerto Rico

May 7, 2023 - by Colin Vassallo

It looks like the LWO is here to stay, or at least, we hope so for the sake of its members!

Rey Mysterio, Santos Escobar, Cruz Del Toro, Joaquin Wilde, and Zelina Vega all got matching tattoos of the LWO logo while in Puerto Rico and ahead of Backlash.

“We’re solidifying the awesomeness of the LWO,” Vega said in a short WWE video as each member of the faction underwent the painful inking.

The LWO has proven to be a slam dunk as far as merchandise goes ever since its resurrection during WrestleMania season. As you can imagine LWO merchandise was pretty popular this weekend in Puerto Rico with WWE doing a customized version of the logo to include the Puerto Rican flag instead of the Mexican one.

The faction was originally introduced in WCW in 1998, captained by Eddie Guerrero. It included several members like La Parka, Rey Mysterio, Juventud Guerrera, Villano V, and many others before it was abandoned in January 1999.

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