Drew McIntyre update

May 5, 2023 - by Staff

A new report from the Wrestling Observer notes that Drew McIntyre is expected to be out of action for a few more weeks. While not confirmed, it’s possible that he misses WWE Night of Champions, which means he will miss the RAW brand tournament to crown the new WWE World Heavyweight Champion.

McIntyre was drafted to RAW this past week in the WWE Draft. With RAW needing a main event heel, it was speculated that they may turn McIntyre heel.

It was also noted that nothing has changed with McIntyre’s contract situation. However, it was also said that “McIntyre right now is working with the idea there’s a good chance he’s finishing up” with the company.

McIntyre has been away since WrestleMania 39. He missed the post-WrestleMania SmackDown due to what was said to be a health issue, then it was reported that he worked WrestleMania while injured. There’s still no word on the severity of the injury, or when the issue first occurred.

As we’ve noted, McIntyre’s WWE contract expires later this year but the two sides have not agreed on a new deal, and McIntyre has told people he isn’t looking to make a decision until later this year, closer to the expiration date. It was also reported that McIntyre is unhappy with WWE for various reasons, but his current hiatus has nothing to do with his contract or reported unhappiness.

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  1. Bob says:

    I liked him better as a Face not a Heel 😮

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