NBCUniversal’s and FOX’s one-month exclusivity for TV negotiations expiring

May 4, 2023 - by Colin Vassallo

NBCUniversal and FOX, who had a one-month exclusivity when it comes to negotiating a deal to keep Raw and Smackdown respectively, are nearing the end of that month as WWE CEO Nick Khan said that the one-month period kicked off during WrestleMania weekend.

During that month, WWE could not talk with other potential broadcasters for either show since it’s in the contract that the current TV partners would have first dibs on keeping the shows if they wish to.

When Khan, during the conference call with investors, was asked if there are any other TV partners involved, Khan said no, because “exclusive means exclusive.”

WWE can talk to other potential bidders after the month is done and can solicit bids. Usually current TV partners have first right of refusal, meaning that if someone else bid more for either show, both NBCUniversal and FOX can either match or pass.

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