Impact Report, 5/4/2023

May 4, 2023 - by Scott Porter

Join us for a detailed recap from the latest episode from Impact Wrestling.  Coverage begins at 830pm Eastern.  Trinity Fatu will make her return to wrestling tonight.  Check back for updates from the show.

Match 1.  Bhupinder Gujjar Yuya Uemura and VS Moose and Brian Myers

Myers and Gujjar start the match and BG takes control early.  He tags Yuya.  Yuya holds the arm, but Myers gets to Moose.  Yuya arm drags him over and hurls him to the floor.  Myers gets tossed too and BG and Yuya dive on their foes.  Moose eats a back elbow from the second rope.  Myers interferes and Moose uses the time to chop Yuya.  Myers interferes more and then tags in.  Myers hits a side suplex.  Yuya slips a clothesline and double underhooks Myers.  They both tag out.  BG comes in hot.  He hits a pump kick and flapjack.  He then levels Moose with a spinebuster.  Moose reverses a whip.  BG hits a spear.  Myers makes the save.  BG hits Myers with a kick.  Moose spears BG.  It is over.

Winners by pinfall.  Myers and

Gia Miller questions World Champion, Steve Maclin why he has befriended Shera and Singh.  Maclin tells Gia to leave and is annoyed by the question.

Detective Dango has a comedy segment with Joe Hendry.  He wants to find out who attacked Santino Marella last week.

Match 2.  Death Machine, Sami Callihan VS Kon (with Deaner and Angels, The Design)

Deaner comes out with the mic and tells Sami he made a big mistake attacking him last week with a bat to the face.  Deaner was supposed to face Sami, but Deaner flipped the script just now.

Sami thumbs the eyes of Kon and dumps him to the floor.  Sami kicks Kon from the apron, but Kon holds on the the leg and flips him to the floor.  Kon is in control after a quick break.  Sami gets a headbutt in.  Kon connects with fists.  Sami smiles and starts chopping Kon.  Kon starts clubbing Sami.  Sami hits a driver out of nowhere.  Angles interferes.  Sami low blows Kon.  Sami calls out Deaner.  Out runs a bunch of guys in yellow hoodies.  They attack Sami.  Deaner calls them off.  He hovers over with a bat.  Deaner hits him in the face with the bat.

No Contest

Joe Hendry and Detective Dango are questioning Trey Miguel.  Joe checks to see if Trey is missing any hair on his head.  He isn’t so he is not guilty.

Jimmy Jacobs interviews Nick Aldis.  Aldis says he will work his way to the top, but his intention is clear.  He wants to be World Champion.  Kenny King enters and says he is not welcome here.   Aldis challenges King to a match since he is the gate keeper.  King says he has to work up to a match with him

Match 3.  Jody Threat VS Alicia Edwards

Jody starts the match quick with several kicks.  Edwards seems a bit lost by the attack.  Threat clotheslines Alisha several times in the corner.  Alisha dumps Threat from behind and drops her on the back of her head.  She then scissors her head and drives her repeatedly in the mat.  Threat trips Alisha and double knees her and the hits a suplex.  After a F416, it is over.

Winner by pinfall.  Jody Threat.

Gia interviews Chris Sabin and Alex Shelley.  They say they are always a team, but sometimes they fight singles.  Chris wants Trey Miguel.  Shelley says he is going to win the World Championship.

Frankie Kazarian is interviewed about his time away from TNA/Impact.  He goes into his time at ROH with Christopher Daniels.  He then goes into his time with AEW.  He said he had no opportunity to grow at AEW, so he came back home.

Match 4.  Impact World Champion, Steve Maclin, Raj Singh and Shera VS PCO, Heath and Rhino

PCO wants to start the match with Maclin, but Singh wants in.  PCO attacks him with a fury.   After stomping him in the corner, PCO tags Rhino.  Rhino continues the attack, but Singh fights back.  That didn’t last long as Rhino chopped and shoulders him in the corner.  Heath tags in and continues the fight.  Shera cheap shots Heath from the apron.  He tags in and works on Heath’s back.  He gets a two count.  Maclin finally tags in and continues on Heath’s back.  Heath tries to mount some offense and powerslams Maclin.  Singh and PCO tag in.  PCO knocks Shera from the apron and throws Singh to the floor and dives on him.  PCO heads back to the top and hits the D’Animator on Singh.  Shera attacks PCO.  Singh recovers and they set up PCO, but PCO double clotheslines them.  Maclin bails the ring, but gets Gored by Rhino.  Heath hits the wake up call on Singh.  PCO moon saults Singh and it is over.

Winners by pinfall, Heath, Rhino and PCO

We get another Coven witch craft vignette.  They call out Jordynne Grace and Deonna Purrazzo, The Knockouts Champion.

The Death Dolls, Jessica and Rosemary bring in James Mitchell.  They ask him what he wants for access to the Undead Realm.  Rosemary and Mitchell enter the realm, leaving Jessica behind.  The segment ends.

Match 5.  Jonathan Gresham VS Speedball Mike Bailey

This fantastic series continues.  They start of with an amazing scientific back and forth.  Gresham locks on a scissor eventually.  He switch to a headlock.  They both reverse holds and pin attempts.  They both end up in the ropes, each with a headlock.  After a quick break, Bailey hits a dropkick.  They trade armbars.  Bailey arm drags him.  Both men are favoring their arms.  They are both great submission wrestlers.  The fans are split between the two.  Gresham starts transitioning holds on the arm and fingers.  He is pulling the fingers apart.  He rolls up Bailey for a two count.  Bailey finally hits a dropkick, but his left arm is in trouble.  Bailey lays in some yes kicks.  He then hits a standing shooting star.  Bailey locks on an armbar of his own.  Gresham locks in a triangle for a moment.  He then lets go and hits the machine gun kicks.  Bailey then drives his knees to Gresham’s chest on the apron.  He follows up with a moonsault from the top to the floor.  After a break, Bailey is shown draping Gresham on the ropes.  He drives double knees from the top rope.  Gresham kicks out of a pin attempt at 2.  Gresham dives the knee and rolls up Bailey for 2.  They start countering roll ups.  Very creative stuff.  Gresham goes back to the arm.  Bailey misses a tornado kick and Gresham locks on the octopus and Bailey taps to e ven the series at 2.

Winner by submission, Jonathan Gresham

Sami Callihan is shown with Rich Swann.  He tells Rich he needs his help.  Rich is contemplating.

Steve Maclin is shown complaining about Rhino to Scott D’Amore.  Scott says you take care of it.  He will defend his title against Rhino next week.

Trinity is introduced to the crowd.  She comes out to a loud ovation.  She gets a welcome back chant.   She says this company has the most storied women’s division in wrestling.  She names several past performers and current women in the division.  She says she wants to win more titles here in Impact.  She says she wants to be the champion.  Deonna Purrazzo enters with her World Championship.  Deonna says she is there to welcome Trinity to Impact.  She says if and when they meet, she won’t be able to just walk out on it.  Trinity was not happy about the snub.  Trinity says she will wish she go fired again.  Jordynne Grace enters the arena next.  She will face Purrazzo at Under Siege.  Jordynne reminds Deonna they will fight again first.  She then tells Trinity after their match, she will be the champion.  Trinity says she will wait for the winner.

The show ends.


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